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Shampoo for Damaged Hair
Pantene Pro-V Professionals Anti-Breakage Defense

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I expected better results from Pantene


I have used a lot of Pantene products over the years with generally really good results so I was disappointed that the Pro-V Anti Breakage Defense really didn't perform as well as their other products. I have fairly long, very thick wavy hair that is prone to breaking and split ends. When I saw this on clearance at Target I jumped on it, optimistic that it would be even better for my hair than my regular Pantene. Now I think I know why it was on clearance. It isn't BAD, but it definitely doesn't give me the results I expect from Pantene. I do feel like my hair may be breaking a bit less but the longer I have used this shampoo the worse I feel like my hair has gotten overall. Normally Pantene products leave my hair smooth and silky. The Anti-Breakage formula has left the bottom half of my hair dry and "crispy" and I have seen more split ends as well. It also seems like my hair tangles very easily now, which it has never done before. I would say to steer clear of this shampoo, especially considering that Pantene has so many other great shampoos to choose from.



really great product! I have had alot less breakage


This is a great product it leaves my hair soft,shiny and in much better condition! since i have been using this product i have had less fall out due to breakage, in my opinion Panteen has a real since of what consumers want in a product.

Cape Girardeau, MO


I only use Pantene!


Let me start by saying that I only use Pantene products for my family's hair. I've tried many other products and Pantene always comes out the winner. Yes, it is a little more expensive than bargain brands. In reality, for the quality of the product I am saving so much more by choosing Pantene over the salon grade styling products. I purchase the anti-breakage formula for my daughter's thick curly hair. It is dry and she would get split ends very easily. After I brushed her hair I'd have a large number of loose strands in the brush. I also use heat on her hair with the straightening iron and blow drier, while necessary in styling her hair, it contributes to the damage. When I started using Pantene I noticed a difference almost immediately. Her hair is so much stronger, and the number of loose strands has decreased considerably. I also use the anti-breakage conditioner and it makes her hair easier to manage. I never recommend any other product, because Pantene is the best!

Cherry Hill, NJ


best shampoo ever to make your hair beautiful


Pantene Pro-V it helps with breakage in hair, leaves a silky texture, and helps with frizz. It really works to prevent and treat breakage in heir. It leaves a silky texture all day long with no fly aways. It prevents frizzy hair which is really good in the morning to be able to your hair quick, and everybody knows that you can use more time in the morning. There are no negatives to this shampoo. It doesnt leave a greasy feelings. It has a great smell that stays in your hair all day long. The shampoo is so thick and really cleans your hair very well. Doesnt leave anything like dandruff or dry skin in your hair, or doesnt leave any dry shampoo in it either which is really good to know because some of the cheaper brands do.The shampoo is a great value very in expensive. You can buy it pretty much anywhere you dont have to go to a salon, but it really is salon quality for a fraction of the price. Everyday loves a great value for everyday items that work.

Hanover, MD


Works well for strengthening, but not moisturizing.


I purchased Pantene Pro-V Professionals Anti-Breakage Defense shampoo because I have longer hair that tends to have breakage problems and split ends towards the ends. It has helped a bit in treating and preventing breakage in my hair, but it seems to give my hair a ruffer texture. I would prefer it if the shampoo had more of a moisturizing ability to leave my hair with a softer texture. I also prefer a bit of volume in my hair, and this shampoo tends to work against that. Since using it, I have noticed my hair is flatter and a bit tougher to style the way I would like to. I find that if I combine use of the Pantene Pro-V Professionals Anti-Breakage Defense shampoo with a deep conditioner, such as the Aussie 3 minute miracle, I get a better texture, i.e. softer hair, but I still do not get the volume I would like. I find that this shampoo does what it sets out to do, treat and prevent breakage in hair, but it is not the best overall shampoo I have found.

Baldwinsville, NY


Pantene Pro-V Professionals Anti-Breakage Defense

4.4 5