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Pantene Pro V Fine Hair Mousse - Triple Action Volume

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Love Pantene Pro V Fine Hair Mousse!!!


I recently found this mousse brand new at a thrift store for only eighty cents so I thought I would give it a try and I really, really like it! This mousse is perfect for my hair. I recently got a haircut and am learning how to style it again now that it is shorter than it has ever been. This mousse does a great job at adding volume to my hair and it holds my styling almost all day! I think that this mousse would hold my hairstyle all day if I did not play with my hair, but it is hard not to play with my hair because this mousse makes it feel great! I also find that this product smells better than most other styling products, which is a wonderful change. Now that I am hooked on this mousse I guess I am going to have to go to the store and get some more. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with fine hair.

Pardeeville, WI


Pantene Fine Hair Mousse gives my hair some volume!


I have flat fine hair, so I am constantly trying to find ways, and products to get a little lift and volume to my hair. I started using these Pantene voumizing products after a recommendation from my cousin who has hair that is very similar to mine. I love the entire line of Pantene Volumizing products, but I think the mousse is probably my favorite--it's the only one that I buy on a regular basis. I add a small amount to my hair before I blow dry, and it gives my hair noticeable texture. This helps for making my hair accept curls, and styling, and keeps my hair from going flat. I think the mousse is a fairly decent value, much better than the products you buy at a salon, and it does a great job.

Oregon City, OR


This Pantene Fine Hair Mousse left my hair a mess!


I love Pantene products and I was quick to try their new line of products for fine hair.  My parents blessed me with some of the finest hair you'll ever hope to see.  By fine I mean FLAT.  I've tried many products for volume and nothing worked until I found protene.  I have to say that their fine hair product lines do work.  With that said, this mousse is an exception.  To start things off, I really do love the smell of this product.  It smells really clean and fresh.  The scent will last until you shampoo again.  I love that about it.  I also love the size of the bottle..  You really do get a large bottle for the value.  The downfall is how the product feels in my hair.  I used only a dime size amount and found that it made my hair feel heavy and didn't give any of the volume that I hoped for.  I applied this to my hair while damp and followed all the directions.  Once my hair dried it looked oily and stayed flat.  I had to shampoo it out of my hair because it looked so bad.  It might work well for some people but it just didn't for me.  I give it one star. 

Chattanooga, TN


Pantene Pro V Fine Hair Mousse - Triple Action Volume

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