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Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Conditioner, Nutmeg to Dark Chocolate

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Nothing intense about this conditioner. It's not even average.


***Quick View: ***That'll teach me to buy a conditioner just because it's on sale. This is very average, a little too heavy on top, a little too light at the ends, and does nothing for shine and manageability.***About Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Intense Hydrating Conditioner***This conditioner is designed to go with the Brunette Expressions Shampoo (see review). The shade I picked was Nutmeg to Dark Chocolate. They have a few lighter shades plus a red and some blonde shades. This conditioner is about the same color as the shampoo, a creamy tan. The bottle is 13.5 ounces and is an inverted teardrop shape which sits on its flip lid. I felt I needed quite a bit of conditioner but I have very long, mid back hair do I wasn't too surprised. When I rinsed it off, my hair felt softer.When I styled my hair, it was detangled and I could comb through it fine. The conditioner seemed to weigh my hair down though, which is a problem for me with such long, fine hair. The ends were a bit frazzled and needed some extra moisture. My hair looked OK. It wasn't shiny and it wasn't special. It was clean and it was neat. That is about all I can say about this conditioner (and shampoo). I am underwhelmed with this conditioner just as I was with the shampoo.***My Viewpoint***This conditioner sees too heavy and too light. It also doesn't do a thing for my color nor does it make my hair shiny. My hair seems dragged down but at the same time, my ends were frazzled and dry. The color aspect of this conditioner is non existent. I saw no difference in the color, shine, or anything else. I have to say this was a bigger disappointment than the shampoo. ***2 stars.***

The heart of , NY


try it, you will like it


I have recently tried the chesnut shampoo and conditioner and are loving the products.  It seems to keep my color in longer and still has the same quality as the regular Pantene products.  Would definetly buy again

Bentonville, AR


Love Pantene Pro-V Burnette Expressions


I bought Patene Pro-V's Burnette expressions conditioner and loved it. My hair used to be daul and dry, now it is shiny and healthy. Have never felt that I had more shiny hair than when I used this product!!!

Mill Hall, PA


Pantene the best conditioner for damaged hair on the market


I was shopping for a conditioner in the supermarket and the Pantene line caught my eye, mainly due to its uniquely  shaped bottle and various colors. I took the "damaged/dry hair conditioner" off the shelf and smelled it,(as i usually do smell my conditioners) and the scent  was wonderful, very floral and a fragrance that when someone would get a "whif" of my hair would be very delighted by the smell.I then always squirt a tiny bit on my hand to see what it feels like. Pantene feels very soft and not oily like alot of those heavy conditioners on the market today. I decided to try it. Im so glad that i did and thought to myself "what have i been missing? lol All those other cheaper conditioners that i had purchased because of the price and i could have had great hair by using Pantene for damaged/dry hair. My hair is bleached and has been for many years.This conditioner is perfect for me. I wouldnt use anything other than this awesome conditoner "Pantene for damadged hair".

Levittown, NY


Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Conditioner, Nutmeg to Dark Chocolate

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