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Pantech - Pursuit Cell Phone

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good enough for some happiness


Of all the phones out for AT&T I couldn't really find one I was absolutely in love with.  To be honest I loved my old phone but it was breaking.  The Pantech Pusuit was the only one with a keyboard I liked with a price I could afford.  All in all it isn't a bad phone.  I've had it for a while and I still haven't gotten around to watching the tutorials because its on cd and I don't have to go through all the things I do know just to find out about the one or two things I don't know. The screen can be overy sensitive at times, opening something when I wanted to scroll, but I think part of that is just getting used to a touch screen phone.  I'm sure that one I get used to it, this phone will be added to my favorite phones.  Absolutely love the phone, there are just a few little kinks that I have to get used to.  Overall this phone is a good phone that will last me until my next upgrade when there will hopefully be a phone there that I completely and utterly fall in love with, as I have with all my phones

Rexburg, ID


Nice keyboard, bad touch screen.


My old phone, the Palm Centro, died on me and I had to replace it. The pantech pursuit was the one that caught my eye after a few visits to the store.  I wish it didn't. This phone is good for the basic needs but it can be very difficult to use sometimes.This phone has a sliding keyboard with a touch screen. The keyboard is easy to use and very convenient. Its easy to get to and is easy to figure out how to use numbers ans special characters such as the question mark or period. The touch screen, however, is the worst part of the phone. It is too sensitive and doesn't recognize a "quick" side swipe as a "turn the page" action. Most of the time it will select the item you first touched when swiping across the screen. The solution is to press your finger down, hold, then swipe. The menu is not customizable, which is very very disappointing. If you don't maunally lock the screen, you may end up calling someone by accident. So, that's annoying. The fastest way to unlock from the black screen is to open the slidng keyboard. I'd like to be able to touch and then unlock the screen instead. Overall, it's a nice looking phone but it has its quirks. I would have chosen a different phone if they didn't charge a hefty restocking fee.

Sunnyvale, CA


Great Little Phone


I upgraded to the Pantech Pursuit in July and I love this phone!  It isn't a smart phone but the internet on it is pretty good.  It runs on an Opera browser and most of the websites I visit I do not have a problem.  One website that does not work well is netflix.  I do not like that the internet is stationary and can only be viewed side ways.  The screen does not adjust when the phone is held right side up like on some other phones.  It is a touch screen and has three main screens.  The middle screen displays the time, missed calls, and text messages.  The two other screens you can add favorite tools and contacts.  In the menu there is a button for facebook and a button for myspace.  To access these websites you do not have to open the web browser.  On the bottom of the three main screens are the dial button, contacts button, inbox button and menu button.  To lock the phone there is a button on the side of the phone.  This button also unlocks the phone.  Also to unlock the phone push any of the buttons on the side of the phone and the screen will light up but you then have to hold down a button on the screen (this gets very annoying).  This phone also has QWERTY keyboard.  To access this just slide the phone up.  This is small easy to use phone!

Allentown, PA


This phone dropped so many times and I am amazed


Me and my little phone, we have a love and hate relationship. This phone works well, dropped it like 20 times and still works great. What I hate about it is that one day the buttons did not want to work. Suddenly a week later it started working again like nothing ever happened. It all depends on how you care for it but it works very well and wouldn't trade it for any other phone.

Corona, CA


Pantech Pursuit is Great!


I bought the new 2010 Pantech Pursuit to replace my old cell phone. My old phone did not have a full keyboard so I was very happy with the keyboard on the Pantech Pursuit. The phone has a touch screen with a slide out keyboard. The touchscreen is convenient and it works pretty well. I sometimes mistakenly open the wrong program because of the sensitivity of the screen. I like that it has a lot of the same features as a "smart" phone but I don't have to pay the premium data price with my AT&T plan. The phone has quite a few apps already installed, including navigator, mobile video, facebook, familymap, etc. I have not used these apps however because I don't have a data plan. The phoneI also has a pretty good 2.0 mega pixel camera and takes video also. I find the alarm clock, calendar, stop watch, calculator and tip calculator tools quite helpful. The keyboard is very easy to text with and it is not too small. My only complaint is that the phone is relatively heavy and thick for a cell phone. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and have no major complaints about the phone.

Mount Shasta, CA


Pantech pursuit - all that and more!


I bought 3 new phones for the family this christmas.  My 10 year old girl got her own phone this time around and the pursuit was the one I selected for her (she loves blue).  Well, now I'm totally jealous and so is my husband.  She got the best phone out out of the bunch.  The others a Palm Pre Plus and an LG VU Plus are not bad phones, but not near as cool and easy and with the huge screen that the pusuit has.  I just hope it holds up to a 10 year old.  To an old lady like me the options on it seem endless and a little confusing.  The kid keeps saying 'I love this phone' over and over and she's already a texting expert after about 5 minutes with it.  Not one little look at the instructions.  It's really intuitive and seems expecially designed for tween and teens.  The screen is huge and so sensative.  The LG VU I have to tap the screen over and over, not this one, just a gentle tap and it's zooming along. 

Almont, MI


Pantech - Pursuit Cell Phone

4.0 6