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Panasonic Viera TC-P58S1 58 in. HDTV Plasma TV

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The best TV in the world


We have owned this TV for 2 years and it still works amazing. The color is beautiful. I do not plan on replacing it with a different brand anytime soon. Picture Quality The picture quality is stunning. Durability This may just be the most durable television we have ever owned. We love it!



Very happy with this purchase


Yes, this price on this baby is pretty high, but we think it's worth every penny we paid for it. We shopped around and did a lot of research before buying this fifty-eight inch baby, but it was all worth the time and effort. The picture can't be beat. The TV sits in a large rectangle room and the quality of the picture from any angle in the room is just great. People sitting on the sides of the room are seeing the picture just as clearly as those sitting right in front of the screen. I have to give this product high ratings in durability, too. We've had the product for over a year and have not had one single problem, and, believe me, we are not easy on our televisions.

Medon, TN


Panasonic Viera TC-P58S1 58 in. HDTV Plasma TV

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