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Panasonic Camcorder

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I love it- easy to use and great videos


I love this camcorder.  It is easy to learn to use, and takes great videos.  The controls are easy to use, and I don't have to worry if I have a shaky hand.  The only thing I don't like is that you have to make sure to buy the right kind of disc.  I do like having the disc however, because I am able to give to someone quickly for them to see.

Covington, GA


Great camera for the price


I am very impressed with this camcorder.  It is well worth the money I paid for it.  The cons is the quality in low lighting.  In low light it has the same quality as my old one that I bought 10 years ago.  The mic is very sensitive and picks up the littlest sounds.

Saginaw, MI


Hard drive rocks...


Hard-drive camcorders have been slower to catch on than I would've thought. Sure, they cost a bit more than their DVD- or tape-based equivalents, but the convenience of having such a large storage capacity--and not having to deal with tape--make them appealing. However, some buyers can't get past the idea of not having removable storage, which is why Panasonic is so keen to point out that their new SDR-H18 can record to either its built-in 30GB drive or to a SD/SDHC flash memory card, without any difference in quality. Of course, it also helps that the company is part of the SD Card Association, and has been on a big push to champion SD memory cards as the next big storage medium for consumer video.Unlike the awkward body designs we've seen with some recent SD-based camcorders, the SDR-H18 is very comfortable to hold. Part of the reason is that designers had to find a place to put the camcorder's hard drive, which finds its home in the right side of the body--creating an iPod-sized block that is just the right shape for a hand to wrap around. Almost all the camcorder's controls are also on the right-hand side; most of them can easily be reached with either a forefinger or thumb. While I had a hard time reaching and pressing the menu button with my right thumb, you still can access the most frequently used controls--such as backlight compensation, white balance, and shutter and iris controls--by pressing the joystick, so this isn't much of a problem. It would've been nice for Panasonic to put the menu button somewhere more convenient, however.

Houston, TX


No manual required, point and shoot!


I wanted a camcorder that wouldn't need endless tape or disc replacement. With this Panasonic model, i never have to buy anymore accessories. just download video and pictures directly to my computer, up to 16 hours! I could go on vacation for a week, and never have to transfer any data!  The SDR-H18 is so simple to use, I have had no use for te instruction manual. it is self explanitory. I have carpal-tunnel, but holding this palmcorder does not bother my hands or arms!

Oakhurst, CA


exactly what we needed


My wife bought this for me as an early birthday present - so we could take it on our honeymoon. The camera has good battery life, but when you travel make sure charge the battery nightly. The camera is very light and easy to carry around. Taking video is very easy. The picture on the screen on the camera is very nice. We haven't hooked it up to our computer or tv yet, but plan to very soon! I love this camera. The hard-disk option is really great.

Brunswick, OH


Panasonic Camcorder

4.2 5