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Palmolive Original Dishwashing Soap

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I Miss The Real Original


I've used Palmolive all my life (mid thirties) it was the go to forever, the original green, can't really describe the scent other than it smelled like Palmolive, I just bought a new jug of it, and it doesn't smell like Palmolive at all, it's not a bad scent it just isn't the right scent. I wish they'd read these reviews and go back to the real original formula!

Buffalo, NY


Sorry Grandma, they changed your dishsoap, and it's not good


To begin with, I'm mainly a consumer of natural cleaning products because I can't stand strong smells and lots of chemicals. My one exception to this rule has always been Palmolive original dish soap, because it reminds me of my dear departed grandma's kitchen. Grandma started using Palmolive, probably in the 1940s, and that's all she ever used, so when I missed her and wanted that nice association of a smell with happy childhood memories, I would buy Palmolive, chemicals be darned! But I bought a bottle last month and noticed the scent was wrong immediately. It seems to have elements of the original scent, but along with that, they've added a fruity note (rotten fruit, to my nostrils). Ultimately, it smells, as someone above so rightly pointed out, like industrial bathroom cleaner. Yuck. Guess I'll have to find something else to remind me of Grandma, cause this fruity nonsense is not doing the trick.

Sparks, NV


What happened to the original scent!!!


What happened to the orginal scent of palmolive!! Growing up my mom used this and i loved the scent. Recently i bought a bottle and noticed the scent has changed! It has a strong fruity undertone (or should say overtone!). I seriously would have rated this 5+ stars if they had kept that original smell. Stinks now!

Princeton Ky


Stopped purchasing since scent was changed


It's not the best dishwashing liquid on the shelf. What sold this product was it's scent!!! I have bought it my whole life based solely on that, and as silly as it might sound, I feel deeply saddened that I may never smell that scent ever again. Don't underestimate how memories can become interlocked with certain scents. Please bring original back and you'll win back faithful consumers.

Lakehurst, NJ

New fragrance smells like a public toilet


Palmolive, the new fragrance in the dishwashing liquid is disgusting. Have been using this product for years, but the new fragrance is very unpleasant. You changed, perhaps now it's time for me to do the same. Shame, always liked the freshness of the small of your 'original' product. New scent maybe, improved - I think NOT.



Hate the new smell


Have always loved Palomive original dish detergent but why did you change the smell of it? Please Please bring back original nice clean smell!!!!!

South Carolina

The new scent is disappointing


I've always used Palmolive dish detergent for years but to my displeasure they changed the scent.At first they had the new scent and some of the original scent left but now all I find is the new scent. It's the same no matter what store I go to. The old scent was so clean and nostalgic from years ago.This new scent is a clone to all the other sweet scents out there.What is the matter with these people.Don't they know a winning formula when they see it. I bought a bottle by mistake and now I'm stuck with it.But this will be the last time I will buy this product. From now on I only buy lemon or orange scents.It's a shame because Palmolive was like the only one who kept the same scent from years ago and now they had to go and change it.Bad move.This new scent is too fruity and sweet. I miss the old detergents from many years ago like Gentle Fels which they don't make anymore.That also had a delightful scent.Almost herbal. Years ago Ivory liquid had a nice clean soft scent just like the Ivory bar soap and they changed that too. Palmolive was the last of the originals.I don't know what these people were thinking but the only way I'll buy Palmolive again is if they go back to the original scent. Awful!

Jersey City,NJ


Why, why, why did they change the scent?


I am 52 years old. As a little girl, my grandmother washed her dishes with Palmolive. I have always LOVED the smell. It was relaxing. I didn't mind washing dishes. Now, it smells sickeningly sweet. I will never buy this again. Palmolive, why did you change a good thing? So stupid.....

Norfolk, VA


Yucky New "Original" Scent!


I'm in my forties and had always loved the scent of Palmolive soap. My sweet Mama bought it for washing dishes (of course), but I also grew up around "old school" folks who washed their hair with it. Several years ago I rediscovered this green elixir with that wonderful classic scent, and have been faithfully and regularly purchasing it since. But now, for some inexplicable reason, the scent has been changed! I bought a big jug the other day and, SURPRISE! New stinky scent! "Sickly sweet" is what also came to my mind, in addition to vaguely fruity. Why does it seem that every product with a fragrance (whether it's shampoo, body soap, or cleansers for household use, or even air fresheners and newer perfumes and colognes) all have this same icky, cliche, sweet fruity fragrance? Do these people think that everyone who buys these products is a 13 year old girl who wants everything to smell like candy? And the scents of other classic products, like Pine Sol, have also been ruined. It seems nothing is safe. Fragrance is heavily associated with memories and mood. Apparently the brains at Palmolive don't share this sentimental view. Too bad. Now I'll have to shop around for another dish soap that doesn't smell like puke on a school bus. And that won't be easy.

Jacksonville, FL


Have to find another brand


I've used this dishwashing soap for years. Suddenly they "SNEAK' another line under the banner that says original. Essential Clean is now on the label. There is nothing essential about the sickly sweet scent. The old formula smelled just fine. The new one lingers and you can now smell a sink full of dishes from the door of the kitchen. Now I have to find a new brand

Toronto Canada

Palmolive Original Dishwashing Soap

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