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Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Olive Hairdress

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My hair is super dry, this works


Palmer's Olive oil Forumla Olive hairdress is a light grease to moisture damaged hair. It boost natural ingredients such as olive oil, soy protein and keratin, It has worked perfectly for me. My hair is super processed by hair straightening perms and multiple hair dye jobs. Its stubborn to get moisturized. Olive oil palmers works really well on my coarse hair. I would say you should definitely use it daily for better results. Its a bit greasy but better than similar products for my type of hair. It could way your hair down though. I would recommended using it lightly. I like using their gro therapy hairdress because I can also use it as a scalp treatment and it helps your hair grow faster. Overall this product is for thick, coarse hair. Its best suited for ethic dry hair and scalp issues also, it could be used to treat damaged hair problems to restore hair condition over time.



Has done wonders for frizzy, unmanagable hair.


My hair tends to be rather difficult to manage and is quite frizzy if not taken care of.  About a year ago I began looking for some product that might help.  A friend recommended a product similar to Palmer's Olive Oil and so I went to the store to look everything over.  Most of the different brands gave directions to put a "generous amount" on the hair.  Then I came across Palmer's which said to "apply a small amount".  That sounded far more reasonable to me, so I decided to try it (especially since it was also less expensive).  Well, the lower price is not a reflection of the product!  I have been very pleased with it.  My hair is healthier when I use the Olive Oil and looks far better.  It gives me the same nice style and curl that gel did, but doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or stiff.  I can leave it in all the time without any nasty feel.  I also really like the smell which is pleasant but not overpowering.  I now have my mom hooked on it and we both are seeing the benefits through healthier, more managable hair.

Auburn, WA


Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Olive Hairdress works for dry scalp.


I use this product when I'm doing ethnic hair, and I like how it works for dry scalp.  It comes in a plastic tub, and is the color of avocados.  The lid screws off the top.  It is very thick and isn't a paste or gel, the texture is a little hard to describe.  But you definitely have to dig a little to get the product out, it's very dense.  It smells light and pleasant.  It smells fresh and actually quite nice.  It's effective for dry or itchy scalp but isn't great for styling if you happen to use too much, at least in my experience. I usually use it on freshly washed hair, and apply it directly on the scalp.  It gives off a bit of a sheen.  I've used some of Palmer's other products and this one does not disappoint, as others haven't. I can't see how it can be improved upon, because it does what I need it to do and works how it should.  It's lasted me a really long time, and if I ever need to buy more I imagine I will.  I like that it doesn't weigh hair down too much, yet still moisturizes well.  I would recommend it.

Layton, UT


Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Olive Hairdress

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