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PHYTO phytodefrisant

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The best anti frizz hair relaxant


My hairdresser introduced me to Phyto products. I have been given many different products to try out in the past and none have worked as well for my curly, frizzy hair better than Phyto. All I have to do is apply a small blob to my wet hair and blow dry it for the hair to be frizz free, manageable and straight. I no longer use my flat iron either. It also gives a shine to my hair.

New York, NY


Beauty product guru FINALLY finds something that works PHYTO


I tend to always start with samples for any more expensive product -- no matter what.I received a deluxe sample of this...and fell in love. I have tried EVERYTHING over teh years. My long, colored, thick and straight hair has always had a mind of its own. I do not have the luxury to blow dry. As a single mom, it is a shock I have time to shower after a long day at the office and a milion things to do when I arrive home.   That said, I NEED this product. It looks like I blowdry..of course, I brush it out in the morning, but the results of this product have made my typical unruly hair look soft, pressed and like I had a blow out..seriously.   I shower, use a pik and appy a small amount to my roots and through out-- nothing fancy. Go to bed, wake up and run a very small amount after brushing and I look fabulous Many stores that carry this line offer the product in varying sizes, so you are able to try it without spending a lot initially. A very small amount is all that you need-- I use approximately the size of a nickel and the bottle tends to last for quite awhile, and effectively removes make up and leaves my hair looking fabulous!  I have found that the texture of my  hair is more healthy. I have sang the praises of Phyto many times before and am glad that Veiwpoints allows me to share my experience with this product to others. It really is worth it-- whether you start with the smaller size and move your way up to the jumbo-will-last-a-lifetime sized bottle, it is something that I feel any person can benefit from : )

Buffalo, NY


PHYTO phytodefrisant

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