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PG Music
PG Music Band-in-a-Box Full Version for PC

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BIAB is a terrific tool for composers


I am a keyboard player (I play in a blues band) and I like to record both my original compositions as well as other music. Band In A Box (BIAB) is a tool I use to accomplish my goals. I used to hand-sequence MIDI one note (event) at a time. This is very time-consuming. What BIAB does for me is automatically generate MIDI based on built-in styles. All I need to do is supply the chord structure, an MP3 or WAV file (or a little of both) and a melody line - BIAB does the rest for me. After BIAB is done with generating MIDI, I can adjust it until I like how it sounds. Then I import that generated MIDI sequence into my DAW software for further tweaking and final production. BIAB is also useful for practice. Regardless of what instrument you play, you can mute the BIAB-generated part and play along with the rest of the band. Often I get good musical ideas from what BIAB generates. It's amazing software!  

Chehalis, WA


PG Music Band-in-a-Box Full Version for PC

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