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Conditioner for Curly Hair
Ouidad deep treatment intensive conditioner

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Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner


I am a curly girl.  I was born with this full head of curls and lots of them.  I love ouidad products in general. I use many of them.   I adore the shampoo and regular conditioner, the styling gel - tress fx is the best of the market .  But I really didn't like this product. This is the most important product in the ouidad line.   But it just  seemed like so much work.  I followed all the directions  ( and there were alot of directions) and I was expecting so much more that I received.. My curls seemed limper  after using this product.  I was hoping to condition them and make my hair seem healthier- but instead of helping the spirals, they seemed to sag.  I think it was just to heavy a conditioner for me. It's also very pricey- and the amount said to use is a bit much, my hair felt supersaturated; so I backed off a bit. I don't know what would have happened to it if I had used the full recommended amount.   I guess I'll just stick with the other Ouidad items as they are wonderful

Boca Raton, FL


Sanity for Curly Hair


If you have curly hair than I am sure that you are plagued by what I am...finding the right product. Many products have promised to deliver me frizz-free hair, defined curls, and a look that stays. I have never found this with expensive or inexpensive products before this. To have my hair look good I was not afraid to buy salon products or be brought in by drugstore lines on bottles. Ouidad is made by a woman with curly hair. All of her products work exceptionally with curly hair. Te conditioner is one that surpasses all others. It is one that you can leave in your hair and it smoothes, treats, and makes your hair shiny and feeling renewed. What is more is that you do not need to wash your hair every day with these products. The hold is that good! I have already recommended this to many people and after trying it they totally agree that this is really the best product line for curly haired people.

Clinton, NY


Ouidad deep treatment intensive conditioner

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