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Oster baby powder cologne spray

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They smell better with Oster baby powder spray


I have two dogs that I love dearly. I bathe them one a week whether I feel like it or not. I know it makes them feel better and their stick gets washed away. They are inside dogs, so that is very important. The thing is, the shampoo doesn't leave them smelling good, just not as bad. Yes, it is better..I just like to occasionally use Oster baby powder cologne spray to make them smell fresh. I also use this at least once during the week while grooming them and freshening them up. I think it makes a huge difference. Dogs are lovable and very worth it, but the fact is they stink. They stink easily and strong. I love this and just wish that they would sell the baby powder shampoo to the public. They only sell that to professionals. That is what they told me anyway when I called and asked. I am assuming it isn't harmful to my dogs since Oster sells it. Now that I think about it,I am going to research that more. Oster is a brand that I trust and will continue using.

Odessa, TX


Oster baby powder cologne spray

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