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Oster T-Finisher 76059-010

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Great Trimmers!


These are EXTREMELY good trimmers! This other guys review is bad. As a barber I know clippers. He was saying that they don't get close enough because of the motor? The motor has nothing to do with how close the blades cut! Oster does not send the clipper blades pre-adjusted like other companies. So, if the blade isn't cutting close enough, adjust the blade closer dummy! Or shave with a razor. But they are a great trimmers. Well worth the money. I've been using mine for about 2 years and they are great. Oster is a great company and they make awesome products.



Did not cut well


I tried the Oster T-Finisher a few years ago when I was looking to upgrade to some new trimmers. I was looking for another brand that could give a close cut to my beards and shape up my mustache with ease. I decided to use these trimmers based off the brand name, because my barber and other barbers that I know uses this brand. When I received the trimmers in the mail and used it, I was very disappointed. I do not believe that this trimmer has the motor speed that I was looking for, so that means that it would not cut as close as I want it to. The one thing that I like about this trimmer is that the motor is very quiet, unlike other trimmers that I had in the past. In saying that, the reason why it does not make as much noise is that it does not has the motor speed like other trimmers. These trimmers are best used when you are shaping up the line on someones head, not for regular beard/mustache shaving. I would not recommend this product, only for line shaping of the head.

Memphis, TN


Oster T-Finisher 76059-010

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