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Oster Microwave and Grilling Oven

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This microwave is complicated to use.


This new Oster microwave is harder to use than our last microwave, which we've had since about the 1970's. The door is heavy, hard to open (pulls the whole microwave forward towards the edge of the shelf) and hard to close (one has to push hard to close it). The turntable falls easily off its track, even when one is trying to put a plate or glass in. It is hard to figure out how to set the clock. It is difficult to figure out how to set cook power and time. Also, the power on the microwave has shut down several times for no apparent reason (no general power outage at the time) for several minutes at a time, which causes the clock to be required to be reset.

Rochester, NY


Oster Microwave and Grilling Oven

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