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Oster 6878 Food Processor

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Make this one of your favorite kitchen additions!


This is one of my favorite kitchen additions! It is amazing what you can do with this. I have used the blender and food processor and prefer the processor for everything. It's not just chopping, shredding, and cutting-up veggies! I make soups, salads, slaws, dough, and even grind meat with this processor. The blender I have used for for soups, dressings, salsa, juices, and mixed drinks. This doesn't look like much but it has amazing capabilities. Power This has 12 speeds over all and run with a low/high blade turns. It does everything. Safety As with all things safety is with the operator. Always use caution and be safe. Ease of Assembly Easiest appliance (kitchen toy) to assemble. Easy to disassemble for washing and storage. Ease of Cleaning This is the easiest appliance to not only use but when done all you need to do is twist and disassemble and wash/dry. Putting it back together is just as easy. Not a lot of parts and blades are on a center pole for easy removal and cleaning. No cuts or injuries required! Durability I use this several times a week and have had it almost 7 months. I didn't expect much and thought I may end up replacing it. To my surprise it has outlasted every use so far and all the movement around the kitchen when I get going with it.



Oster 6878 Food Processor

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