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Oster 14-Speed Blender

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Excellent Blender!


I owned this blender for years and absolutely loved it! I make smoothies every morning for breakfast so I used this blender on a daily basis. It held up great for multiple years. It performs really well. One of the best things is the multiple speed options. You have the ability to blend things to many different consistencies with this blender. My smoothies always came out tasting excellent. I put real fruit in them and this blender had no problem getting it blended in with the smoothie. I also used this blender to make a lot of mixed drinks. It did a great job at crushing ice quickly. Overall, I had a great experience with this blender. It lasted me about five years before it quit. With the amount I used it, I was more than happy with how long it lasted. Blending Power I never had any problems blending anything. It did a great job at crushing ice and blending fruit. Versatility There are a ton of different options on this for how you want to blend something. Ease of Cleaning It is pretty easy to clean.



Life changing item, a must-have for every family


I grew up watching my mum use her "Osterizer" every single day: and no we didn't drink margaritas for dinner, alas! She had the same one for more than 25 years! When I left for college she offered to give me hers, but I declined to take it away. So instead, she got me my own. The blender is powerful, and the jar large enough as to perfect for everything from drinks to soups and more - i've used it to make butternut squash soup and puree, blended cocktails, milkshakes and smoothies, milk and fruit puree to use as an ice cream base, sauces, you name it, the blender gets it done. the small round food processor is not so much a real food processor (has no slicing, shredding disks for example) but it will chop and grind and puree small things amiably well. i'd never be without my oster! the only thing I don't like is the plastic jar but luckily oster makes that easy - glass jars fit most of their blenders, so now mine can be just like mum's!

Boston, MA


Oster 14-Speed Blender

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