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Orly Bonder- Rubberized Basecoat

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Maybe its just my nails?


Maybe it's just my nails but this stuff just doesn't stay on my nails. Polish chips in less than 24 hours.

Cedar Park, Tx


My go-to base coat


Combine this with Out the Door top coat and it's almost the perfect combo. I can't imagine anything better than getting around a weeks wear with Orly Bonder and Out the Door top coat. It dries very fast as well. Not to mention you get a slightly bigger bottle than your average nail polish amount. It's a really good deal. It works well with most brands of polish (especially cheap brands, can get much better wear because Orly is sticky) except for 3 free polishes like Zoya. Every nail polish addict needs it in their collection for nail upkeep. I've also noticed since using this (i'm on my 7th or 8th bottle now actually) my polish doesn't flood my cuticles as bad. I guess it's because the stickiness of it makes nail polish adhere better than it normally would. Doing my nails on a weekly (and occasionally semi weekly) basis, a bottle of it lasts several months. I also use it on my toes on a monthly basis as well.



Years of Trial & Error leads to a great outcome - Orly Bonder


As a nail technician of 9 years, the process of trial and error became rather frustrating when it came down to finding just the right basecoat to provide a solid, long lasting life for my clients nail and toe polish. During the summer months my business is slammed with women visiting frequently for toe polish for artwork. I enjoy being able to let them know that their should expect at least four weeks "life" from their polish... this wouldn't have been possible before stumbling upon Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat. This basecoat provides a tacky surface to better adhere the colored polish to the toenail (fingernail). Although it appears orange in color in the bottle, the product does dry clear. All together, the non-yellowing, reasonable pric, and fast drying time add together or a great product. I've used Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat for the past two years, and don't see changing that anytime in the near future!

Corunna, MI


Very Good Basecoat


When I first got into nail polish I used a dual action Base/Top coat combo and found that my nail polish would PEEL off right away like it was plastic. So I had started shopping at Sally's Beauty Supply for my nail care stuff. And asked the Lady at the Register about it and she suggested this basecoat and I had seen some reviews on youtube so I decided to give it a try. And since trying it I have had minimal problems with my nail polish not staying on or chipping. Last night I used just the Bonder and Polish and my nails look perfect there is no chipping the tips arent worn off. Very happy with this basecoat.

Red Wing, MN


Orly Bonder- Rubberized Basecoat

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