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Organic Essence
Organic Essence Shea Cream, Vanilla Orange

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Smell Divine, Great Texture


I have been a long-time fan of shea butter, even using it in it's raw form without scented oils or being whipped. It is so insanely good for your skin. When I was pregnant, all of my skin itched, especially my stomach and back as they stretched. I slathered shea butter on every day after a shower. I received this shea butter as a gift and I absolutely loved it. It smells heavenly - orange and vanilla is a great combination. The texture is perfect - it glides on your skin and melts as it is readily absorbed. I went through the jar fairly quickly, and was going to buy more until I saw the price. Wow! It is expensive for that little jar. Quality ingredients and truly heavenly shea butter, but I couldn't afford it at the rate I was using it. In the end I did not have one stretch mark, whether that is by luck and genes, or by keeping my skin moisturized, I don't know. It most definitely helped with the itching.



Organic Essence comes in cardboard container that falls apart


I ordered Organic Essence shea cream because I wanted something organic and without chemicals. I liked the fact that this cream seemed to have good ratings and it was all natural. However, the cream now comes in a cardboard container which they claim is a "biodegradable" organic jar. Upon receiving this shea cream, I was completely surprised to see that it came with a loose-fitting cardboard cover. After removing this "cover," there was a cardboard disk that fit inside the cardboard "jar." I pried out the cardboard disk. I did like the cream, it did smell very good. When applying the cream, I had to use a different clean finger each time when I applied the cream. I didn't want to re-dip the same finger because I didn't want to contaminate the cream. This was rather a pain. After several uses, the outer top cover of the container tore so I threw that out. Next, the inner disk tore from trying to pry it out so many times. This disk is all oily from the cream since it is cardboard. I cannot believe that this oily shea cream is packaged in cardboard! Now this cream is getting a putrid smell to it probably because it's not sealed properly. The bottom of the container also came loose. I contacted the company on their website to let them know the problems I was having and they never bothered to respond back to me. I will definitely never buy from this company again. Customer service and satisfaction is definitely not their priority. One other thing to note is that this so-called biodegradable container is useless because most people throw away their garbage in plastic bags that are not biodegradable. The cardboard we put in our recyclable container must be clean so we cannot put it in with the recylables anyway.

Green Bay, WI


Organic Essence Shea Cream, Vanilla Orange

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