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Oreck XL Super Compact Canister Vacuum

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a great little canister vac


This is the classic little canister vacuum that (used to anyway) comes free with any Oreck XL upright vacuum purchase. It's the famous vacuum from the old commercials where the Oreck guys holds a bowling ball up with the vacuum hose. Well, don't try that trick, you'll probably hurt your feet. However I don't need to suck up bowling balls with my canister vac. This thing has great suction, and is ideal for cleaning dust, dirt, and pet hair off of furniture and carpeted stairs. It's also great with an extender for getting cobwebs out of high corners and ceiling fans. Maneuverability It's great. It's lightweight, small yet powerful, and can be carried around like a handbag with a shoulder strap. Ease of Maintenance Super easy and simple, like all Oreck vacs. Suction Performance Like I said before, I wouldn't try the bowling ball trick at home, but the suction is waaaaaay stronger than comparable small vaccums from stores. It's way better than any "Dirt Devil" for example. Versatility Honestly it's more versatile than any vacuum I've used. It can be used with the hard floor attachment to clean bathroom and kitchen floors without using a broom, it's great for cleaning out cars, and it really shines when getting pet hair off of furniture. Durability I've banged these things around like you wouldn't believe in my day. Dropped them, many times, and they are rock solid.



Oreck BB870AD Bagged Cannister Vacuum-Great for quick pick ups


Like another reviewer, I received the Oreck Bagged Cannister Vacuum as a bonus with the purchase of a larger Oreck vacuum cleaner. This vacuum works well under cabinets, tables, and my refrigerator. It doesn't work so well on carpets but I don't think it is really meant for carpet. The Oreck Bagged Cannister Vacuum works very well on tile floors. My favorite feature of the Oreck Bagged Cannister Vacumm is that the bag is very easy to change. A turn of the knob on the bag compartment easily opens it and the bag lifts out. Take a clean bag, put it in, turn the knob again, and you're done. The Oreck BB870AD Bagged Cannister Vacuum has a strap but after walking around with it for a while my shoulder hurts so I carry it instead of using the strap. I like this vacuum for getting into hard to reach places!

Lake Worth, FL


I use it more than my upright


I received this vacuum as the "bonus" vacuum......I like it so much it is my first choice to use.  It is light weight and and has great sucktion...easy to clean out if there is a clog....highly recommend!

Kirksville, MO


Basically useless


I am thoroughly disappointed in this vacuum.  The cord is short, the suction is horrible, and the floor tool is useless.  Though I realize it's not meant to work on carpet (that's what the upright is for), I would think it should do a good job on hardwood, tile, etc.  Not so.  I'm finding that the floor head "pushes" crumbs and debris in front of it, thus not allowing the dirt to get under the head and shoot through the tube.  I bought the wheel accessory for it, and wish I hadn't wasted my money.  With the wheels attached, the vacuum becomes top heavy and tips over at the slightest provocation.  The bag is very, very small (and replacements are expensive!).  There's nowhere to store all the accessories, so I find myself putting them in a drawstring bag and having to drag it out every time I want to use one. This Oreck vacuum has a poor design all around.  You'd be better served to purchase a standard-sized vacuum with all the necessary attachments.

Oak Island, NC


I love my Buster B


This little guy is so handy.  It has uses that not many people think about.  I have one for outside uses and one for indoor use.  The outdoor one handles the nasty jobs and I don't mind it getting beat up a little.  I've even used it to connect the hose to the exhaust and blow some leaves and dirt from in front of the garage door.  The inside Buster B is used on ceiling fans, upholstery, cobwebs and many other things.  I have high ceilings and bought an extra tube so I could reach the dust and cobwebs up high.  I also use it for keeping dust off baseboards, no bending necessary.  You put the brush attachment on the tube and you're good for go.

Sarasota, FL


Oreck XL Super Compact Canister Vacuum

4.0 5