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Oreck Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner CC1600

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One awesome product!


I purchased this device separately when I originally purchased a Oreck vacuum cleaner. I was not happy with the actual vacuum cleaner but this device works really really good. I use it for my couches which have a lot of dog hair because I have a dog that always lays on them. I also use it for the vents of our AC, and also for any type of spiderwebs or dust web on the walls or ceilings. Because it comes with different sizes and connections it works really well for any type of fabric or walls and floor. I have also used it in my car to vacuum and it is a heavy duty style vacuum cleaner so it cleans everything really clean and picks up every single piece. I have also used it to clean up areas by my stove to make sure I pick everything up or when glass has fallen down I will use this vacuum cleaner to make sure there is nothing left. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone is definitely worth purchasing. Suction Performance It is very strong suction so it will pick things up if there is anything near it.



Big things can come in small packages!!


I was looking for a small handheld vacuum that would reach ceilings, fans, baseboards, etc. I've never owned an Oreck in the past, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this little guy! It's compact and light, but does a great job on big messes. I love that I can now reach high places in my house without using a step ladder. I haven't really used it for anything other than picking up dust, so I can't comment on it's power on picking up heavier things, but it definitely gets the job done where dust is concerned. I'd definitely recommend this little jewel to anyone! Suction Performance At least when it comes to dirt and cobwebs.



Oreck Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner CC1600

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