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Optima Leash

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dog best friend on a walk


optima dog leash,I would not buy any other. We have two basenji's ,only weigh 22 pounds but very strong. They need a strong and flexible leash. Optima works the best for us on walks in the park. Easy to control and handle the dogs. They do not snap back and hurt the dogs like other leashes do. 

Mooresville, IN


Good way to get injured


If your dog weighs more than 5#, get a proper leather leash. It doesn't take much for a retractable leash to do serious damage to your wrist, arm or shoulder if the dog pulls just right. Most city ordinances specify a 6 foot leash. Property owners aren't real thrilled having your dog run all over their yard with 25' of a retractable. If you aren't as quick as the dog, they can also end up in the street. A nice leather leash will last a lifetime and is a lot easier on your hands too.

Grand Rapids, MI


Great for taking your dog anywhere


This is a great leash for those who are just introducing thier pet to the leash it allows freedom to explore safely without getting to far ahead of the owner. I have seen these leashes come with sevaral different lengths and a variety of colors and sizes so its just right for any breed.

Havelock, NC


Optima Leash

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