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One Bath and Body
One Bath and Body After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar

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ONE Skin Conditioner Bar keeps my skin smooth and soft


I received the Sleeping Beauty one, which I think has been renamed Nighty-Night. It's lavender scented, but the scent is subtle and soft. The bar is very soft and mushy, which I immediately thought this would be messy, but it's not. Yes it breaks into pieces, but they're soft and you can rub them directly onto your skin or rub the bar or pieces in between your hands and then apply to your skin. This leaves a nice sheen to my legs and arms, which I love during the summer months. While the Nighty-Night (Sleeping Beauty) bar states it's for bedtime, I use it in the morning. I have used it at bedtime and not taken a shower the next morning and could still smell the soft lavender fragrance all day and my skin was soft all day. This bar is a keeper. It is definitely one of those products in your "must have" basket. Their lip balm is wonderful, the stress massage bar is a life saver and the bath fizzer is fun. I was such a huge LUSH fan. I always have a King of Skin moisturizer bar. One's Skin Conditioner Bar beats King of Skin, easily. Here's why - King of Skin will eventually break into bits and pieces just like One's bar. King of Skin's bits and pieces are rock hard bits that are hard to use, and when you spend that much money on a moisturizing bar, you want to be able to use every last bit. One's are soft and pliable and easy to use and WAY easier on your wallet! As for the moisturizing abilities, I have noticed absolutely NO difference between Lush and One. The clear winner here is One. Great scent, superior moisturization, soft and pliable, easy to use, easy on the wallet. Effectiveness Goes above and beyond softening your skin. Scent Fantastic scent. It's not overpowering and it dries down to a soft, subtle scent.

Chesterton, IN


One Bath and Body After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar

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