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Olympus - SP-570 UZ Digital Camera

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A great quality camera.


I love my Olympus SP-570 UZ Digital Camera! I bought it when I was pregnant with our first daughter, in anticipation of all the baby pictures we would want to take. It has been perfect for that and practically any other kind of picture we want! There are tons of settings to try or the auto method takes great pictures, too. Someday I want to graduate to an SLR (which I will of course buy from Olympus as I love their cameras!) but this is a fabulous camera to use while working up to that. It is great quality and able to do many different things that a regular point and shoot wouldn't be able to do. My only issue with this camera is the same one that I have with all of them. I can't get a picture to focus if I turn off the auto flash. I've read the instruction manual, so I don't know if I just missed it or what, but I find this very irritating. I picked this particular camera because of it's "image stabilization" option. It does produce a better picture without the auto flash than other cameras I have used, but still not what I want. 

Evansville, IN


Higher performance for those not quite ready for a digital SLR.


I bought this camera second-hand from a photographer friend of mine.  I needed a higher-quality camera than my old point-and-shoot, but wasn't quite ready to put in the money or the time learning to use a digital SLR.  This baby has been a total gem; it's easy to navigate and use - even if you're like me and loath picking up an instruction manual.  I've had great experience using the camera in a variety of settings - live band show, outdoor photoshoots, live theatre, and night shots.  The image is crisp, the resolution is high, and the camera has great battery life! The camera uses XD cards, and surprisingly I had a bit of a hard time finding a card reader to support it . (The camera, unfortunately, does not have a USB slot to allow me to connect it directly to my computer.) I'd recommend this camera to just about any user - to the casual consumer looking for a good quality "vacation pics" camera, to a professional looking for something low-budget to take to difficult locations where there might be a fear of damage or loss.

Virginia Beach, VA


Olympus - SP-570 UZ Digital Camera

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