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Olevia - 252V 32" LCD Television

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I really like all the features on this tv.


This is a great tv. We bought it for our anniversary. We love watching movies together and this tv seemed great for that. It has a great sleep timer feature that we often use. The picture is very nice and the sound is great. We actually found a piece of hanging hardware and hung it on the wall in our bedroom. It worked great. I would definitely recommend this tv, especially for the price. We got a very good deal on it.

Cincinnati, OH


I love this TV for the money and it's features


Television has been up for a week and I love it.  The picture is great and so far no problems.  Sound is not bad and the features are wonderful.  Bought this television on sale Thanksgiving Day and it was well worth the trip out.  Based on the performance so far, would buy more Olevia televisions.  My husband loves the USB connection for firmware upgrades.

Central, IN


Nice TV for the money - First LCD TV


Very nice TV, I have not had it long, but so far it seems to be holding up well.It was fairly easy to set up. Has many additional plugs for added external connections. More than just a basic TV.I do not have it hooked to the HD Receiver, so I can not comment on its HD quality, but the DVD quality is supurb.A nice feature is the volum that shows a line where the best level would be. One downside however, is commercials tend to be either really loud or inaudible when you adjust the sound in this manner.For the price, it is a good set so far and I would recommend giving it a try at half the prive of most other TVs in this class.

Potomac Falls, VA




This is my first experience owning flat screen and I am impressed with the picture quality and sound quality.  Would like to have gotten a bigger one now!  The east of set up was wonderful and the remote is easy to handle.  I wish there was someway to even out the sound level between stations and commercials as this is a bother at time.  I do not see why in this day of technology this has not been addressed and would be a good feature to have.

Grovetown, GA


Not worth the money


I purchased this TV almost a year ago.  It started off ok.  Now everytime I turn on the TV it doesn't come on right away and then when it does it says either no signal (there is a picture and sound) or Invalid format (there is a picture and sound).    I belong to Verizon Fios and had them come down and replace the box but come to find out it was a glitch with the TV.    I can't seem to get a hold of the TV company.  I wouldn't get another Olevia again.  One thing I have learned is you get what you pay for when purchasing LCD HD TV.  Go with Samsung they are the best!

Coventry, RI


This Olevia TV is Amazing!!!


This is one amazing television. The image quality is great. Very clear and very real. The sound quality is even better. Despite how loud you have the volume the television sound is clear and perfect. There is not any buzzing sound or anything. It might not be as cheap at other flat screen televisions on the market, but it is way better quality!!! I would definitely recommend this television. I really cannot eve think of a con. I love this television and have no complaints. I've had no problems with it what so ever!

Rockford, IL


We love our Olevias!


We have two Olevia's in our home and are quite pleased with them.  We feel that the price is a great value and they have never had any problems.  The only thing I would say negative about them is that we had to get a different cable remote to work the one in our bedroom.  The older remote did not have the code to use on it.  BUT, that is a cable company thing, NOT the TV's problem.  It was because the TV brand was so new.  I am leery of new names, but I would not shy away from this product at all.  One other thing I will say is that when I hooked up the gold HDMI cables, we lost sound quality.  Not sure what that was all about so I went back to the other cables.

Saint Petersburg, FL


Great Olevia LCD


We have had our Olevia TV for about four years and haven't had any issues with it.  The screen is really clear and the color is bright and crisp.  We have the 32 inch screen and it is big enough for our living room.  We are able to hook our laptop up to it using the HDMI cable to webcam.  One bad thing about it is we cannot use our cable issued remote with the tv because Olevia isn't listed with codes for a universal remote, so we have to use the Olevia remote to turn the tv on and volume and use the cable remote for turning the channels.  That can get a little complicated.  I'm not sure if that is the cable companies fault or Olevia.  We haven't had any issues with the tv at all or than that.  It was easy to setup when we first got it.   The price was really good, we got it on Black Friday.  When you first turn it on, you don't realize it is on because the picture doesn't show at first.

Oxford, AL


Decent television for the price


I purchased this Olevia 32" television approximately 4 yrs ago during Black Friday. This was going to be my first High Definition Television and was definitely optimistic about the purchase. At the time, this was a great television, but was limited to the 720p 60hz refresh rate. The picture on this television is quite good, but it does not have very deep blacks. The television is limited in HDMI inputs compared to today's modern televisions, but is great for a starter high definition television. The remote included with this set is able to control all devices you might have connected to the television. The sound quality is also pretty good for a basic, entry level television. For someone who is looking to get a high quality television as their first high definition set, this Olevia 32" is great. If you are able to get a warranty on this set, it may not be a bad idea to purchase it if not coming with a previous manufacturers'.

Altamonte Springs, FL


Olevia- best budget tv I have found.


I bought this tv when I had just moved to start a new job, so I went with it as one of the lower priced options, since money was tight. I didn't expect too much from it, I had never owned an hd tv, and at the time none of my friends did either, so I knew I wouldn't have super good tvs to compare it to that would make me jealous. In the years since then, many of my friends have bought much more expensive tvs, and it can hold it's own with all of them. Plenty of inputs, great picture, decent sound, and nice styling. The two things that I do dislike about it are: 1)Remote control is not very responsive. I will hit a button, it will take so long to respond, so I'll hit it again, and end up going too many channels/volume levels. 2)No univeral remote support. I was able to coble together something with a learning remote, and found on the commands I could get it to do, the tv was more responsive, but since there aren't codes for Olevia's on any univeral remotes, I would have to teach a learning remote every code before it would be truly useful.

Apex, NC


Olevia - 252V 32" LCD Television

4.0 16