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Olay Definity Self Repair Serum

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Olay Definity Line WORKS!!


I did the Olay test on their website. I thought at my age of 45, I would need the Regenerist or even the Pro X. I have a lot of issues on my face with brown spots. I lived in Hawaii for 7 years and I've noticed brown age spots on my upper lids and brow. The test suggested the Definity line. WOW! I've been using this for about 2 months and I am STUNNED. ALL of my brown age spots have disappeared. I am also using the Definity eye cream and lotion and my face is so much brighter and all the age spots are gone. I have tried much more expensive lines and even Tri-Luna cream and Olay blows them out of the water. I'm a true believer and will stay with the Definity. Great stuff! The serum goes on so smoothly and has a nice scent.

Poulsbo, WA


Olay Definity Self-Repair Serum is high quality for low price.


The *Olay Definity highly defined anti aging self repair-serum*absorbs quickly into the skin.  The Olay serum also leaves a very luminous look on the face.  I love the serum so much I even use it on my hands and feet night because it it so silky smooth.  My husband is also a huge fan of the serum too! The serum does have a slight fragrance so some people who may have problems with fragrances may want to avoid it or just use a little at a time to check if they have any reactions.  I have never had any problems with the Olay definity self repair serum and I will be buying it again and again.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Olay Definity Self Repair Serum

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