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Facial Cleansing Cloths
Olay Regenerist Micro-Derm Cleansing Cloths

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Olay cleansing cloths gently and effectively remove make-up!!!


I use the Olay Regenerist MicroDerm Cleansing Cloths to remove make-up.  The cleansing cloths gently and thoroughly remove all traces of my make-up including mascara and lipstain and leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed.  I also really love these Olay MicroDerm  Cleansing Cloths because I am no longer getting make-up stains on my towels and washcloths.   I make sure I  take the cleansing cloths with me when I travel, and on a few occasions the hotels I have stayed at have provided other Olay cleansing cloths.  Hurray for them, and me.  They like clean towels, too. The cloths are soft, have a great fragrance and leave your skin feeling soft and pampered. I feel confident  that the Olay Regenerist MicroDerm Cleansing Cloth has removed  all traces of make-up while leaving my skin clean and refreshed.  I am trying to be proactive in the manner in which I am taking care of my dry skin, and I believe that this is one way of doing so.  Yes, the Olay Regenerist MicroDerm Cleansing Cloths are somewhat expensive to use on a daily basis, but this is the only skin I am  going to get, so I had better take as good care of it as I  can.   Thank you Olay for making products that are helping me take care of my skin.

small town, OH


Olay Regenerist Micro Derm Cleansing Cloths 30 Ct


Claims to exfoliate and improve your skin tone and texture. Also claimes to condition to soothe and hydrate dry skin. And last, claims to remove dirt, oil and makeup, even waterproof mascara. Review: Regenerist Micro-Derm Cleansing Cloths are Vaseline-based cleansing cloths and theire texture helps with manual exfoliation. This is much like using a washcloth. These cloths do remove makeup well, but for eye makeup it takes more effort than you might like and pulls at sensitive skin around your eyes. The cloths are best for normal to very dry skin, and after using you should wash the solution from your skin because there are detergent cleansing agents in the solution. This product has been tested on animals.

Radnor, PA


I'm in love with Olay's Regenerist Cleansing Cloths


i absolutely love these cloths! I was so glad I decided to try these.  Not to admit that I am lazy but I was searching for something more easier than the traditional nightly facial cleansing.  I first purchased the wet clothes, hated those. They left my skin feeling like it was still dirty and just gross feeling.  I got these and from  the first time I used them I was in love.  They do exfoliate, but not to much.  They don't irritate my skin or leave it feeling tender like some scrubs tend to do.  I like how they have their own little box they store in.  Another awesome things about these is they don't spill.  They won't ooze out in your travel bag and get all your clothes messy.  You can save room in your 1 quart airline approved baggy by eliminating the facial cleanser.  I will never again go without these. No wash clothes to wash and stain with make up either.  In my opinion these are also more sanitary because all the blemish causing bacteria on your face gets thrown away with the cloth. 

Cleburne, TX


Olay Regenerist MicroDerm Cleansing Cloths leave your face clean


I really love the Olay Regenerist Micro Derm Cleansing Cloths! I was looking for an easy way to clean my face at the end of the day (and other times!). These cloths can handle make up removal or just end of the day freshing up. I love the way my face feels after using the cleansing cloth. Don't let the terms "micro derm" make you feel that the cloth will be overly abrasive. In fact, the cloth is very soft, but does gently exfoliate skin as you wipe you face. I love how my skin looks after using this product. Clean, smooth, and refreshed!  Another reason I love this product is that it does not require wetting the cloth or rinsing your face! That makes it a great take-a-long wipe as well. I tend to sweat in this horrible heat wave, so taking these cloths with me gives me a great way to freshen my face on the go. I have always been a fan of Olay products and these micro derm regenerist cloths are no exception. They are affordable, easy to use, portable, and highly effective!

Pinson, AL


Olay Regenerist Micro-Derm Cleansing Cloths

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