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Olay Regenerist Day Skin Intervention Kit

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very fun to use, hydrating and regererating.


I am not one who generally takes a lot of time on my skin, but when I noticed this 14 day skin intervention kit in the store it really peaked my interest.  It sat on my shelf for several weeks before I tried it, but it was way fun once I started it.  I really like the small tubes of premeasured product and the easy to follow instructions.  It was almost like a workout plan or something...I felt a sense of obligation to my skin when using this...I din't want to miss a day One of my best friends who I have known for years actually commented on my skin and how youthful I was looking within days of me finishing this "intervention."  It kind of caught me off gaurd.  My skin felt great, but I guess I didn't realize there was a noticable difference to those around me.  If you are into trying new things for your skin and really like facial products, you may want to give this one a try.  See if you get the same reaction from your friends! 

Bountiful, UT


Olay Regnerist 14 Day Skin Kit


I received an OLAY Regenerist skin cream to test and there were some wonderful things about it, but it made me break out, which I haven't done in over 30 years! The Olay Regenerist cream made my face feel very soft, and I loved what it did for my wrinkles, but blackheads and whiteheads are something I left behind in my youth, and I am not willing to break out to have softer skin and less wrinkles. I have dry skin, but apparently my cleansing wasn't as strong as it needed to be to tolerate this highly emollient cream, because when I used hydrogen pyroxide, the blackheads and whiteheads subsided.  So perhaps if I was willing to use extremely strong cleansing agents, I could use the Olay Regenerist without breaking out.  I am seriously considering it, since it made my skin feel so soft and moisturized, and it really did help with the lines and wrinkles that age have added to my face.  I think I will give it another try, and come back and let you know how it worked out.

Great Neck, NY


Feels Youthful, But Visually No Change


You need to be fully committed to the 14 days use.  The application goes on smoothly and not greasy. I have oily skin and was amazed of no breakouts or additional oiliness from this product. By day 3, I did notice my skin feeling softer and smoother.  However, during and by the end of the trial their claims of firmer skin and reduction of appearance in wrinkles failed.  Saw no signs of face lift. This product recommends to be used every 3 months, which I have to say I WOULD do it again as it did make my skin structure feel intensely hydrating and I do feel it has improved my skin's moisture barrier.

Palm Springs, CA


It takes lines solfter and smooths.


I use a lot of products for my face, body and feet.  I have dry skin and dry heels.  I use other name products for dry skin like avon age defying bath oak. Avon Ultur Body serum,, dquate deep moisture body wash, olay ;moisture rich dream cleaner, clinique clarifying lotion 2, cetaphel, Miracle foot, St Ives collagen elastic.

Wichita Falls, TX


WOW...actually noticed a difference!!!!


I tried Olay 14 day skin intervention anti-aging treatment and I can not even begin to express how surprised I was that I saw a difference with my skin. I have tried many creams, lotions, potions, ect. and finally decided to go ahead and try this. It is expensive however I think it is well worth the price. According to the directions you only need to use this once every three months but I think you could use two maybe three times a year and still be thrilled with the results.  There are 14 little tubes, 7 for week 1, and 7 for week two. You are supposed to use one tube a night for two weeks however I was able to use one tube for two nights and therefore basically had one box for two treatments. Olay 14 day skin intervention is in my opinion the best anti-aging treatment out there short of going have having expensive treatments done. The economy being the way it is I would recommend this product if you could only afford very little. I feel it is the best value for this kind of product.

Waterford, MI


Smooth and flawless skin


I absolutely loved this Kit-Oil Of Olay Regenerist 14 day kit.Right away after using it the first night I could see and feel the difference in my skin.I am 26 years old so I was hesistant about using an anti aging kit.I was afraid that it would hurt my skin somehow and was concerned that it was only to be used on older skin,but then I read an article about it and the woman who wrote it was my age and she had experienced great results as well!If your skin is in dire need of quick exfoliation over a number of days this little baby will do the trick.This really gives my skin a terrific jump start almost instantaneously.Easy to apply and I found myself laughing as I went to squeeze out every last drop I could.I recommend using this product at night as directed,then washing your face really well in the morning with a good exfoliating scrub.It can seem a little gross however,when the dead skin starts to "peel" off and you look a little scary!Almost like a sunburn.I definitely recommend this product and will definitely buy again.

Keller, TX


olay regenerist is the best Olay product to date


I usually use Olay products and ocassionaly stray, get caught up in the advertising hype of new products from other companies. I try them, get dissappointed, and go right back to Olay. The new Olay 14 day regenerist program kit is by far the best Olay product. The entire Regenerist lineis amazing and truely works. This time I'm staying with Olay no matter what other companies come up with. In 14 days my skin is softer, smoother, ever so slightly tighter and just plain looks healthier. I love this stuff and have highly reccomended it to anyone who will listen. If you are in the market for a product that works by a company that is consistently excellent, try this product.

Effort, PA


Olay Regenerist Day Skin Intervention Kit

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