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Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment

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Thermal Pedicure is a good idea!


I tried this product out because I love trying new things especially when it comes to pampering myself!  I like the Olay brand name because I feel it is safe and has been around for a long time.  I followed the directions on the thermal pedicure and liked the idea that it got warm when I rubbed it on.  It felt great and smelled good too.  I even made my husband try it out (not that he objected to getting a pedicure!), and he liked it too.  The only bad thing I have to say about this is that I didn't really notice any difference after I rinsed it off.  Now, in full disclosure, I have terribly dry, cracked feet, so nothing short of a miracle or those little shavy things at the nail shop is really going to make a difference to what my family has dubbed my 'hooves'!  However, this is a nice product when you want to pamper yourself or have a pedicure party!  I would definately recommend it to anyone who needs a little TLC!

Valrico, FL


Olay Body Thermal Pedicure is very nice


I was browsing through my local supermarket the other day when I came across this little product and it was on a killer sale, so I picked it up.  Now, to say my feet are a disaster is an understatement.  I don't like shoes, and shoes don't like me so I have very rough dry cracked heels and large callouses on my big toes, I know, not a pretty image but that is what they are.  I have tried a Bath and Body Works version of this but I have to say I think I like this one better.  It really does get really warm. I do wish the heat would last longer but it's pretty nice on a cold night when you just want to warm up your feet.  I have used it for about a week now and my heels are definitely smoother.  They are still cracked and I still have callouses but i can tell a definite difference after using it.  If anything else just use it because it is pretty cool to feel it heat up your feet.  I would also recommend doing it in the tub and not the shower, I think it would be easier to massage the scrub into your feet while laying. Good stuff.

Idaho Falls, ID


It made my feet smoother than the men I meet!


**This product is FAR more amazing than I had expected; subtle yet effective!!!  Let's just say that for the past 3 or so years, I've been desperately searching for something to make my feet smoother and healthier looking; it's so embarrassing to be barefooted and have dead skin and calluses everywhere.  I'm almost 21 and I've been wearing high heels and working since I was 12...my feet became so warn that about 2 years ago I lost all circulation to my feet and they were so tough from the ware and tare that the bottoms of my feet were rock solid to the touch.  Since then I've warn high heels less, work the same, but my hard feet remained, up until today.Here's how the miracle began:  I was doing a quick run through at wal mart and the purple tube caught my eye....I just read what it was and thought, hell, might as well give it a try.  I figured I couldn't lose anything; it's not like I haven't tried everything else that was in my price range.Now, a week later....my feet feel amazing, the hard skin is gone and there are no dead skin particles catching on my silk comforter!  I know it sounds gross but I told you it was embarrassing!  Now I can play footsy and not have a mental panick attack on whether or not they're disgusted!!!  And don't get me started on how it feels....I love it....the HOT tingle of everything is soo soothing!  PLUS...if it couldn't get any better, it's so convenient w/o having to deal w/a pumice stone (I hate the feeling of those, they make me cringe).I really recommend this product more than most!  Plus, it is SO in my price range!**

Fargo, ND


When I rub you, you get hot. I could get used to this!


***Quick View:*** This is a fun and pampering warming foot treatment that works quite well. ***About New Olay Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment - 4.9 oz***** ** This foot treatment contains Bora Bora white sand, pumice, and micro-crystals to exfoliate rough, dry feet and expose new, healthy skin. The fun part is that, when feet are wet and this is applied, it warms up like crazy, feeling (to me) great. I love the feeling of a hot foot soak, even in warm months. I usually use this before a shower. I will wet my feet and apply the treatment rubbing fairly hard as I do. In seconds, the warmth starts and it can get intense but not burning or anything. I then rinse off either in a foot bowl or in the shower. My feet feel softer and the roughness is gone. I still need a thick foot cream but I always use foot creams and wouldn't miss that part of my post shower regiment no matter what. This is fun and effective. ***My Viewpoint*** This product is somewhat of a novelty in that warms up in contact with wet skin. I like that it gets rid of roughness and exposes the soft skin beneath. I take good care of my skin so my feet are not in bad shape but this would be a good start for someone who is trying to prepare for sandal weather or who doesn't know what to use. It's actually fun and I like the scent and the warmth. ***4 stars***.

The heart of , NY


Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment

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