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Fast shipping but received wrong product.


BEWARE! The picture of the product does not match the description. I called to let them know I received the wrong product. I had to deal with a language barrier, man in background shouting orders and absolutely no refund or exchange. I was told to "just try it". LOL Lesson learned - don't buy from this clown operation.



Good price but received wrong product after long delay


Ordered John Freida Frizz-Ease Take Control Style Managing Mouse and entered in **comments "this is the only product that I wish to receive".  **I entered these comments as I have tried most of the other Mousse products and this is the only one that works for me.  My order was marked shipped the next day.  About a week later I emailed OTC about my order which was still marked as shipped.  Finally received the order however product was not the one I ordered.  The shipment contained a copy of my original order which showed the above comments and the comments had been underlined in pencil.  I emailed OTC Retail and explained what had happened but have not received a reply.  Very apparent that this company is not dependable, ships late, and is not big on good customer service.  While this was not a big order, I trusted this company and they did not follow through.  They were careless and disinterested in settling the matter fairly. 

Winston Salem, NC




DO NOT GIVE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THESE DISHONEST PEOPLE!! WORST service ever of my online shopping experiences. They charged my credit card the next day; then did not mail my products for 10 more days; then it took another 10 days to receive it!!  Asked for refund of my shipping and was told that it was late because it was not in stock when I placed my order. They would not give me a refund. I never received an email that the item was not in stock. My order was for 3 jars of face cream.

Fremont, CA


Attracted by the Price; Turned Off By the (Non)Service


I tend to comparison shop online, no matter how satisfied I am with a web site.  I'm a little fickle when it comes to website loyalty.  If you don't have a competitive price or if your items are backordered, I'll keep looking for a better deal; no matter how much I like you.  It was this reasoning that caused me to search for an alternative to Drugstore.com and Walgreens.com.  I needed to purchase some bottles of a special hair conditioner, and neither website had the product in stock.  I found what I was looking for via Yahoo Shopping:  **OTCRetail.com** **OTCRetail.com** is a drugstore website that offers many of the name brand items that you would find at your local pharmacy.  A quick glance at the website revealed that this would be a no-frills experience.  Nothing fancy about the web design, and the search engine is appallingly unhelpful.  Still, all I needed was hair conditioner and it was over a dollar cheaper than I usually get it. The web page indicated that it would ship the next business day for a reasonable $5.95.  Plus, the Yahoo merchant ratings indicated that OTCRetail had gotten excellent customer feedback.  I was sold.   I placed my order for 4 bottles of conditioner. Later that day, I received a confirmation email of my order.  Since the product page noted that my item was available, I figured the item was in stock.  I waited a few days for the shipping confirmation email.  It never arrived. It turns out, the order was CANCELLED by OTCRetail (*without any explanation whatsoever*) a day after they had charged my credit card.  I checked my bank and it showed that the original charge went through, then a day later the card was credited.  I called OTCRetail for an explanation and was told that the product was on back order and that they didn't know when it would be available.  Really?   Why did they never send me an email notifying me of the change of status?  Why--*a week later!*--does the product page **still** say the conditioner is available for next day shipping? In a nutshell, **OTCRetail.com **may have good prices and reasonable shipping charges, but they have lousy customer service and a lousy website.  I will not trust them with my business again.  Next time, I'm hooking up with Drugstore.com...

Chicagoland, IL



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