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Oriaudio - Rock-It Vibration Speaker Speaker System

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Love The Concept


I just got the Rock-It Portable Speaker in December. I absolutely love the idea, since I can let my iPod play in my kids playroom, my car, when we're camping or wherever. It works great on the playroom door, on my dashboard, and on a box of Kleenex. The concept is something that was defiantly needed. However, it needs a little work still. The small sticky pad on the back doesn't stick to anything and if it doesn't stick, it doesn't work. The first pad I used, I wasn't careful with and stuck it to something dusty. It immediately lost it's stickiness and I read the instructions saying not to put it on anything dirty. After that I was careful. The next sticky pad I only put on clean surfaces. I stuck it to the playroom door and after a short period, it fell off, just like the old one. It would only stick to items for a short period of time and vibrate itself off. Giving the product the benefit of the doubt, I tried another stick pad and had the same issue. I've gone through all of my sticky pads that came with the speaker in December already and don't want to waste my money on more when I know they won't work. I wish I could get this product working, but unfortunately it's absolutely useless to me.

Fishers, IN


Oriaudio - Rock-It Vibration Speaker Speaker System

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