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Nutro Natural Choice Ultra Puppy Dry Food 4.5lb Bag

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My canine would give it a thumbs up if he could!


I've been buying different brands of puppy foods to see if I could find the right balance of natural ingredients and flavor for my pup. He seems to like the taste of this one, and there are no signs of tummy problems as a result of eating this (always a good sign!).

Murfreesboro, TN


Our puppy loved it


We got this dog food for our rott/pitt mix. She ate a lot and everytime she ate she ate as if she was starving, so we wouldnt know if she did or didnt like the taste but it did just what a dog food should do. It made her coat shiny and soft. Her stool was healthy also. Also, a thing to note, her stools were a lot smaller eating this dog food compared to others. This basically means that it was highly digestible. One bad thing about it was that it made her poop really smell. I'm not sure exactly why, but maybe because of the vitamins/nutrients in it. Also, the price is not as affordable as compared to some other dog food. But it was also not as expensive either. If you cannot afford it, I wouldnt worry about it. We had one dog on the Natural Choice and another on max because we could not afford buying the Natural for both. We had our older dog on max.

Sacramento, CA


Nutro Natural Choice Ultra Puppy Dry Food 4.5lb Bag

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