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Nutrition Now
Nutrition Now Rhino Gummy Bear Vitamins

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Expensive but required


These Nutrition Gummy Bear Vitamins taste like candies. They are so good in taste that my son loves eating these vitamins daily. I am trying to minimize the number of vitamins per day for my son as the sugar content is not so good for children and so now he eats two vitamins daily. I am not sure if the sugar content is good for the health of children but since the vitamin brand claims to have no added flavors or preservatives and only use fruits as their ingredients, I am trusting that it will not be harmful for the kids. The price of these multi vitamins is not so reasonable compared to other multi vitamin gummies but still they are worth it as they are excellent in taste. I have been giving my kids these multi vitamins for about 4 months and will continue giving them. These multi vitamins help the growth of children and contain minerals essential for the body. I definitely recommend these vitamins.



Rhino Gummy bears ARE candy!


I used to give these vitamins to my children all the time. The I looked at the ingredients more clodely. These contain high fructose corn syrup! No wonder they love them. They are candy! I do not recommend these. Children easily would eat a whole bottle, and high fructose should not be in anything we are taking for health.

Mesa, AZ


The kids like them


The kids like them, I got them because I figured it would be easy to get them to take the vitamin if it was like candy...the only issue is you can't leave them in the medecine cabinet because I am sure they would eat them all up...I had to explain to them that they are medecine and not the gummi bears they get at the store...but my daughter actually comes and asks me to take her vitamins she would take them 300 times a day if I would let her..lol!

Moscow, PA


Rhino Gummy Bear vitamins are yummy.


My son loves the Rhino gummy bear vitamins.  We buy the vegeterian kind as we want to avoid gelatin that may be made from pork.  I started him on these vitamins several months ago and we have both been pleased.  He asks to take them everyday, sometimes more than once and I have to tell him he will have to wait until the next day if he has already had one that day. We ran out recently and he asked for them everyday until I got more.  I am able to order them online for cheaper than I can get them at my local store and that helps.  I like that my son wants to take them although he has always been good about taking meds.  I tried them myself and they are yummy.  The come in a few flavors and each one is good.  I have bought several items from the Nutrition Now brand and have been pleased with them all.  I plan to stick with these vitamins for my son and am happy we have found something that we both like.

Greensboro, NC


Nutrition Now Rhino Gummy Bear Vitamins

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