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Nude Cardiovascular Workout

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These klutzy nude women sure know how to ruin a workout!


*This review contains some slight graphic content and, if you are offended by descriptions of nude women, written by a fully clothed woman who has no particular interest in nude women, please pass this review by.* **Quick View** A total waste of money and time. **Full View** My friend Lisa and I always try to one up each other on Christmas. Last year, she won. She sent me a nicely wrapped DVD. It was **Nude Cardiovascular Workout**. I pictured her giggling the entire time she bought the DVD, wrapped it, and sent it. I admit, I was a little curious about this DVD. I mean, who was it made for? I doubt many women want to do cardio workouts in the nude and they can do that with any workout. They don't need everyone on the DVD to be nude. Was this for men who really wanted to workout? Or just wanted to watch nude girls bounce around? After viewing - and actually working out to the video (In workout clothes. One does not engage in nude workouts with two sons in the house - even asleep as they were the night I tried this DVD.) - I can't imagine ANYONE who would actually enjoy this DVD. The women aren't very good looking nor do they have great bodies, the workout is a joke, and everything just screams "cheesy!" **The "Workout"** The setting seems to be a low rent hotel room. It is very small and cramped and doesn't look at all like a workout studio. We are introduced to four ladies and, strangely, the instructor is clothed. She is wearing standard, non-sexy workout fare. Behind her are three very average looking - but non enhanced - girls. None are what I aspire to look like after working out and all look like they could use a few chest workouts to get them babies up where they belong. But I digress. This is about the *workout*. *For the record, the women on this DVD look nothing like the ones on the cover and nowhere on the DVD are those women so don't be fooled into thinking you will see them anywhere but modeling on the cover.* The instructor talks you through a warm up and then you do some old school cardio. The girls in the back are so bad. One can't do anything right and they are working in such close quarters that they bump into each other often. They do actually do exercise though. This isn't an artsy workout. It's just a workout with three girls not wearing clothing. There is instruction and there is some kind of weird pulsating - but not sexy - music happening in the background that is barely audible. There is also a bit of floor work for abs. None of the workout is actually gratuitous or pornographic. It's really just a very badly lit, badly filmed, badly thought out cardio workout DVD that happens to have a few girls without clothes on in the background. The workout is 60 minutes long and I suppose, if you worked along with it, you could get your heart rate up in the fat burning zone. However, the moves are so common, the workout so devoid of any enthusiasm or creativity, and the lighting is so bad that I never got through the whole thing. This wasn't a good workout nor was it, in the least bit, erotic or sexy. It doesn't even TRY to be. I don't know what to make of it except to say once is enough for me for this workout! **The Extra Stuff** After the workout, there is a whole hour of college co-eds on campus doing ... uh ... nothing really. They kind of stroll around here and there and dreamily look into the camera as voiceovers tell some kind of story for each one. I honestly didn't watch the whole thing. There is no erotica, no porn, or anything like that. Just some half-nude and nude women (who are better shaped than the workout girls) standing or sitting around here and there. It's the most amazing display of nothingness I have ever seen. **My Viewpoint **You may think I am dissing this DVD because it has nude women in it. I'm not. I appreciate beautiful, shapely women and I am not offended at all by nudity. But this workout is just plain silly. This workout doesn't really claim to be erotic. It says it is a **Nude Cardiovascular Workout** and it is. Well, three fourths of the participants are nude at least. And it is a workout, complete with jumping jacks and other same ole, same ole moves that, if you followed along, could burn calories. But, everything about the workout is low budget and I see absolutely no advantage to having three naked women stumbling around rather than three dressed ones. Either way, the workout blows.*** I give this DVD 1 star and recommend it to no one. ***

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Nude Cardiovascular Workout

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