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Now Foods Cla 800 Mg (180 Softgels) (By Now Foods

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Who Knows if it Works...


So the reason I gave this review that title is because when I started taking this supplement, I also started watching what I ate and exercising a lot more. I noticed the weight was coming off very quickly but its hard to know if it was from the pills or just how good I was doing with eating and exercising. I found out about these because a friend took them after she gave birth to lose the pregnancy weight. She said they helped but she also did great with eating. Taking them did give me a little extra push in the motivation department though. I started taking them a week before two coworkers. My coworkers did not notice a difference but they also did not do anything to change the way they were eating. I think its worth a shot to try if you need help getting motivated. Since I first started taking them, I have gone down 25lbs. Do I think its from these pills? No. Do I think they gave me the mental push that I needed? Probably.



Now Foods Cla 800 Mg (180 Softgels) (By Now Foods

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