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Novartis Benefiber Fiber Supplement Ultra Caplets 114ct

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Benefiber has helped me.


a while ago, I had a major problem with diarrhea. I tried changing my diet, using imodium but nothing worked. I was unable to go outof the house for any amount of time for fear of an accident. It scared me so much that I went to my family doctor who sent me to a specialist. After testing me and finding nothing wrong, he suggested taking Benefiber. The best thing I could have done. It gave me my life back. After my system got acclamated to the dosage, I was able to cut back and now take a smaller dosage. I usually take the caplets with my morning and before bedtime medications, but have tried the chewables some times also. The flavors are pallatable. I try to eat properly but know that the fiber tablets even things out for me. I do wish they were a little cheeper though.

Horsham, PA


Benefiber does its job


I know that many people do not like to talk about these types of things, but I really do not mind, in fact, I can find it rather enjoyable to let people know that I am not constipated, and that I have not been in a couple of months. I am not exactly sure why I had always had so much trouble getting myself to get enough fiber in my diet. At first, I tried just doing what I was "supposed" to: eat right and choose whole grains. Well, I did that. I even went so far as to have FiberOne and Shredded Wheat at least once a day. It was unbearable, but I did it, constantly reminding myself of the weight I was trying to lose, and the other effects I wanted, but then, I decided one day, after watching a commercial, that I would try Benefiber. One thing that FiberOne does not remind you of is the fact that it has calories. These pills do not. I keep all the good side effects, and ditch the nasty cardboard taste. =)

Hastings, NE


Novartis Benefiber Fiber Supplement Ultra Caplets 114ct

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