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Nostalgia Electrics
Nostalgia Electrics HDR535 Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller

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Great for kids


I bought this originally for a carnival themed birthday party. It was a huge hit and we've used for numerous sleepovers. The kids love getting it out!

Holland, MI


Really cool and yummy!!!!


I purchased and do own the Nostalgia Electrics HDR535 Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller and I truly do love it and so does everyone who comes to my and my childs birthday parties and o.ther occasions. This hot dog roller makes the best tasting hot dogs ever. They taste just like hot dogs you get at baseball games and everyone knows those are the best ever. You can use this on so many occasions you can use it at carnivals, birthday parties, church activies, etc. Everyone will love it. It will also take you back in time to when these were really around and used. It is very easy to clean. It does take up some room so you may need to make sure you have somewhere to store it. People will not be able to wait for your next party to get these hotdogs. Children will love it because it looks so cool and they will want to help. This Nostalgia Electrics HDR535 Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller is affordable but a little pricey but certainly worth it because it is so versatile. I would certainly recommend that all of my friends and family and party throwers should invest in this product.



Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller by Nostalgia Electrics


I love the idea and feel of an old fashioned hot dog stand and so I was super excited when I purchased my hot dog roller by Nostalgia Electrics, Model HDR535. I thought it'd be super easy to use and would make fresh, hot, great tasting hot dogs. The first time I tried it, I was still excited about my purchase and pleasantly pleased. It wasn't until I went to clean the hot dog rollers that I was disappointed. It proved to be a big chore to clean the rollers on the hot dog roller. It was such a disappointment for me that I only used this machine about three times before I took it to my local thrift store. I figured someone else could enjoy its nostalgia all the while cleaning the rollers. The Old Fashioned Hot Dog roller by Nostalgia Electrics is fun for the kids but not so fun for the adults to use!

New Castle, IN


A Fun Way to Enjoy an American Classic!


This is so fun and so great. I love hot dogs, and this is a great old fashioned way to celebrate hot dogs. If you love Nostalgia products, this is a must have. I would recommend it to everybody. Great way to enjoy the All American snack with a fun twist! Two thumbs up!

Eureka Springs, AR


Nostalgia Electrics HDR535 Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roller

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