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North Amercian Healthcare
North Amercian Healthcare Universal Pill Cutter

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I like using the North American Healthcare Universal Pill Cutter


I am a home healthcare nurse and I often use many different pill cutters. This is my favorite style of pill cutter. I like the design of this particular pill cutter because it has a long chamber where the pill is placed that starts wide and ends thin to ensure that all size pills can be cut. I have yet to come accross a pill that does not fit in this device. The thin bottom portion of the pill cutter ensures that the pills stay in place while they are being cut, but certain pills do, on occasion, end up with small crushed pieces instead of two even halves. This occurs most often with "softer" types of tablets like certain chewable tablets. The blade stays sharp for thousands of uses and there is a small plate at thebottom of the cutter that catches and crumbs or debris so that they can be easily disposed of without making a mess. This pill cutter does not have a pill crusher attached to it, but it is small enough that it can be easily and discreetly packed in a purse or cosmetics bag for travel. It is also reasonably priced.

Cincinnati, OH


With Universal Pill Cutter I can any size pill in half.


**The universal pill cutter works with any sizes pill. Pills that are irregular shape, oval shape, round shape. Comes with 12 custom trays for accurate cutting. Custom trays that  are east to change. Shielded blade for safety. Has a bult in storage comartment. Holds any round tablet up to 4mm diameter and various triangle and heart shaped pills. All I do is place the tray I'm going to use on the cutter with the ID tab on the right, place my pill in the tray, push down the top firmly to cut the pill**

Asheville, NC


North Amercian Healthcare Universal Pill Cutter

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