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Nokia - Cell Phone

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i like this phone


it's simple



this is a very,very reliable product


This product has proven to be very, very durable.  I have owned more exspensive cell phones with a lot more bells and whistles but this one serves the very basic purpose of placing and receiveng phone calls.  I have dropped this phone countless times and it just keeps right on performing the task at hand. I would definately recommend this phone to any one who is looking for a practical phone with out all the bells and whistles.  This is a great phone for tweeners because it will allow them to text and place and receive phone calls.  It also, can stand up to the beating they may receive from the young adults.  If by chance they do manage to tear this phone up which is highly unlikely, or loose it which has a greater chance of happening it is not soo exspensive that it would not be able or too costly to replace.

Atlanta, GA


shoot me now


I hate my cellphone, but yet I am scared I will hurt it's feelings if I buy a new one. My cell looks like a child's toy compared to all the I-phones & Japanese Hi-phones. Yes it calls other numbers, yes it has a speaker phone, it even has a calculator & calender. I am unable to touch the screen, the ring tones are similar to the ones in the 90's. but when I look it in the screen a slight glimmer of love reflects back and I am destined to hide it in my pocket for yet another year. I love you celly.

Lake Mary, FL


Nokia - Cell Phone

3.7 3