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Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera

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Fancy camera yet not too big


I received this as a gift last Christmas (2013). I think it is a wonderful camera. It takes gorgeous pictures without much effort on your part. You can change the settings if you want but I find the auto settings take pretty decent pictures. I waited a while to review this so I could use it in multiple settings. For still shots its easy peasy. Action shots are hit and miss (more hit than miss). Most come out fine but you have to be quick and steady or its blurred. Which with kids (and animals) can be a challenge. The video is pretty good quality as well. As for different lighting its almost like it decides when it wants to play nice. Poor lighting does not equal a bad picture though. Especially if you have a tripod or steady place to rest the camera so it doesn't move. I've used this camera for kids birthdays, baptisms, weddings, holidays and just casual fun. Everyone always compliments me on the great pictures. I am not a professional photographer but my friends/family always ask me to bring my "fancy camera" to document special occasions. I should start charging (but I wont). Honestly for my BFF's wedding my pics were on par with the professional photographer. Obviously his were better but only slightly (he does have better equipment after all). My husband was our personal paparazzi and the pictures really are wonderful. So I'd say its worth the price and will give you very nice pictures. Remember this isn't that fancy of a camera, if you are looking for something more "professional" get a fancier camera. But for regular usage (moms, grandmoms or "historians" like me) I think it is a wonderful camera. Ease of Use My mom figured it out and she isn't good with techie stuff Durability It doesn't look like it would do okay if dropped and I don't really want to find out what happens. I am very careful with mine. Battery Life I used it Christmas eve, all day for Christmas and New Years eve without charging in between. It still has a charge so I'd say pretty good battery life. Portability Small enough to bring basically anywhere. It is lightweight and fits in a smallish camera case. I could probably bring it to Jazz fest without any hassle but more than likely wont.

La Place, LA


Nikon 1 J1 Digital Camera

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