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Not a fan


I was really unhappy when I recently made a purchase through this website. I remembered ordering from them a few years ago and did not have any problems at that time so I decided why not order again. Their website does not seem to be as up to date as most websites do but I did not think anything of it at the time. I found something that I liked on their website and decided to order it. Well I knew something was up because I had never received an e-mail confirmation for my order. I started to get worried that maybe I put in the wrong e-mail address when I hadn't received my package in awhile and my credit card was charged. I decided to finally call customer service who told me that the item I purchased (which was in stock at the time) was now on back order and they were not sure when it would be back in stock. I was so annoyed that first off I ordered it because it showed to be in stock and second of all they charged my card already. I requested to cancel the order and requested a full refund. It took 4-5 weeks for a refund and during that time I had to call and ask what was taking so long. I wouldn't recommend shopping here, save yourself a headache.

Oxford, CT


Newport News Never Again


Newport News has awesome looking clothing and I am always tempted to purchase from them. However, I had one experience with them, and it was enough to convince me never to use their website again. I ordered a bikini one summer through their website. The bikini was in stock in my size, so I logically expected that it would be shipped fairly quickly. After waiting a couple of weeks and not even getting an email stating that my order had been processed I called customer service. The woman I talked with was quite brusque and seemed upset that I was frustrated over the lack of communication. She said that an email would be sent when the item was shipped. In all, it was nearly a month before the bikini was shipped, so it took me a month to get the thing. After I got it I liked the piece a lot, and I have worn it quite a bit. So I think the clothing itself is quality. However, I will never buy from them again, because it is just not worth the wait or the poor customer service.

Forsyth, MO


Slow Shipping, Misinformation


I ordered 3 skirts on their web site. After a week of not getting a delivery conformation I called to see what was wrong. The customer service rep told me that the warehouse had moved and it would take a little longer for orders to get out. I have called several times and each time I am told that my order will ship soon. In fact, I was told yesterday that my order would ship before the end of the day only to find out that it did not. The next person I talked to said it would be shipped by Monday but I have heard that line before. They offered me a 15% off discount on my next order but I don't want to order from them again. I really wanted my money back but they said it is to late for that. I just want them to send my order ASAP so I can get it for Christmas. (I ordered my items last month) To make matters worse, I learned that it could take up to a month for a refund to be processed because they have to send a referral to another department. Then it has to be reviewed and your order may be shipping by the time your refund request has been reviewed. They are slow and don't care about getting the customer's orders to them in a timely manner.

Dallas, TX


Cute clothes but company is WAAAAY behind the times


I order from online stores all the time. Newport News has been around for a while yet they seem to be a little behind the times when it comes to their website. I ordered something close to the holidays but didn't expect to get it quickly because you just never do at the end of year. That wasn't the problem though. The company is supposed to send you an email with your customer service # and your invoice #. Never got it. Called them a week later for it and they said they had it and the item was shipped but they couldn't tell me when. They also couldn't see my invoice # (strange). So I called again today and was given my customer info but was told it was shipped out today. Went online to see what was happening and saw it was shipped yesterday but there was no tracking info. Called again and got the tracking info but shouldn't that be under my customer info on the website? Just seems a little amateurish for a company that has been in the business for a while. Now I read on this site that if you return the item you don't get a refund for a couple of months. Sounds pretty shady. Think I'll stick with the more modern internet companies. Now let's see how long it takes for me to actually get my item!

New York, NY


Don't bother, they can't produce it


Hadn't shopped with NN for a number of years.  Tried them once again and ordered a product they listed as in stock.  Then it went on backorder.  I called several times, no one new anything and kept assuring me all was well with the order.  They have no info other than what you can read online.  I figured this order was heading for a cancellation, they assured me it would ship, I had ordered early enough, but  of course as predicted they cancelled. Emails to their customers service result in canned responses about appreciating your business.  They even offered a 10% price reduction, but of course they cancelled the order so that was useless. They don't appear to have good control over their merchandising and they offer products which are not available, end of story. I'm moving on from NN, learned my lesson again.

Chicago, IL


save even more


want to save even more ?? after u order your first item ask them if there are any weekly specials and you could save even more on items you were going to buy anyways. i do this all the time and i save close to 50%. if you are looking for a specific item, for example, shoes, leggings, dresses, and bags ask for them to check if they are on special, they usually have a list of clearence items to offer you.   happy saving!! 

Beverly Hills, CA




people save you money....go read their horrible return policy...they will not even CREDIT you for 4 to 6 weeks...absolutely crazy...I am now on my 5th week ...they have confirmed merchandise in house...but no credit has been issues...was forced to dispute my credit card transaction...amazing how they have to play their FLOAT in order to pay back refunds...people get out of the catalog business...friends you'd do better by going to TJ Maxx.

Satellite Beach, FL


The worst online shopping experience ever!


The items I ordered were of extremely low quality. I returned them immediately, however, it took almost three months and multiple phone calls to get my money back. I will never shop at that site again!

Sewanee, TN


Everywhere you go people look and ask where did you get outfit


New port New is the place to go for good clothes if you want people to give you complaments becasue everytime I ware a newport new article that is what I get and they ask where did you get that. I have had great luck in buying there product so you should too here is there website and buy all you want they are worth every penny for there classy as you can get anywhere and you dont see many people walking around with the same style clothes www.newportnews.com Good luck and buy if you want the compliments good luck

Orlando, FL


Newport News Catalog

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