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Nestle Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink

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No Blood Sugar Impact, Great Taste


When it comes to diabetic approved drinks, shakes and smoothies there are some that have a great taste and some that leave a lot to be desired. Boost Diabetic Balance comes in three flavors but the strawberry is the one that is almost always sold out when I go to buy a box of them to have on hand in case I need them. They are not gritty but you won't be mistaking them for strawberry milk or a strawberry smoothie. These are single serve drinks that are best consumed when cold; I shake mine for about ten seconds to make sure it's perfectly blended. You can use them between meals but I would never suggest them as a meal replacement because it won't be enough to hold you over to your next meal. I have never had any blood sugar spikes when I consumed these but I have never had more than one a day. The thing that makes these so appealing for diabetics is that the carbohydrates that are in it are slow-release, that's why you don't have a spike in your blood sugar levels. During the summer I try to have at least two or three of these in the refrigerator; when I am working outside or come home from the gym and need something to drink this is a nicer option than grabbing diet iced tea. The strawberry flavor isn't overly sweet and each bottle (one serving) only has 190 calories. If you want to thicken this you can pour it in a blender with some ice and cut up fresh strawberries. Compared to the regular Boost nutritional drinks these are a lot better for diabetics because of the slow-release carbohydrates.



Nestle Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink

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