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Nesco 4808 - 14 - 30 Roaster Oven 18qt. Non - Stick

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Very nice product for larger portions!


I purchased a Nesco Roaster Oven around the Holidays for entertaining. It was one of the best purchases Ive made! I make pulled pork that cooks beautifully in the Nesco Roster Oven! Its kinda like a crock pot on steroids! HaHa! I also used it to keep my turkey warm while serving it to my guests! Because it has the dial which allows you to decide the heat it didn't dry out my turkey and my guests were very happy!



Good Everyday, GREAT For The Holidays


This won't brown the turkey, but it will fully cook a stuffed turkey. If browning isn't a concern, you can cook up a ton of chili, pasta, etc for a party. For Thanksgiving, I roasted the turkey in the roaster for about 75% of the suggested time. I then switched it to the oven to brown and crisp the skin. I have a double oven, one is convection, but I still switch to the roaster so that I can prepare the side dishes and pies and have them hot from the oven for serving. After I switch the turkey to the oven I clean the roasting pan - very easy clean us as the inside lifts out - and I put the mashed potatoes in it to keep warm. Also used this to make the cranberry sauce several days in advance. I like that I can use an energy efficient appliance for cooking

Potomac, MD


Nesco 4808 - 14 - 30 Roaster Oven 18qt. Non - Stick

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