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Best place for unique hoodies.


I have had great experience buying from Neighborhoodies, every time I have ordered from them. I have placed more than ten orders through them over the course of about a year and each time have been pleased with the quality and cost of the hoodies. Shipping takes a little longer than I would like, but in the end it was worth it for me. There stuff just lasts longer than stuff I have ordered from other companies. Plus they have way more options. Ease of Use The website is easy to use. Ordering and checking on order status is easy, even from a mobile device. Product Selection Don't let the name fool you, they have way more than just hooded sweatshirts. Product Pricing For the quality, the pricing is really good. Customer Service I've never had any trouble with customer service or getting help when I needed it. Shipping and Returns Like I said before, shipping was a little slower than I had wanted but not top terribly bad. I've had worse shipping experience for sure.



A Hoodie Made By Another, Would Sound Better


First off, the title of their site is way off. If this were a website that only made hoodies, then the name might be acceptable. The site could use a lot more design work. I couldn't tell if they were trying for a homey or 'au natural' feel. I do like how they come off as using amateur models, but I think that they need to step up their game. Its one thing to 'not appear' as if you are trying rather then really not trying at all. Having "your design here" on every thing is a bit annoying - they should just showcase the product and then later on tell you where you can print your design. Some of the photos they use to showcase certain items seem a bit out of place, especially the photos of the underwear. Its very poor posing to say the least. The clothing itself seems to be of good quality. However, the 'presences' that the website gives off makes me believe that the designs may come off in the first wash. I dislike the prices and would chose to just buy an already made hoodie by a name brand then spend the extra money to get one personalized. I would not order from the site or mention it to others.



Nobody does it better.


I work in Dumbo, and walked by the Neighborhoodies store. I'd been to the website before but wsn't sure on sizing. the storefront is like a small american apparel store but then it takes off. you choose any font, and layout, and they laser cut the text fabric and stitch it in. it was amazig to watch the seamtress do it in front of me, and I walked out of there with an incerdible "Bushwick is for lovers" hoodie which I will never take off. represent.

Brooklyn, NY


Neighborhoodies is THE place for customized hoodies, etc."


These guys are my heroes. They have a huge number of styles, colors, fonts and sizes to choose from, including kids' clothing. Their online catalog is a fun and unique shopping experience. YOU have the say as to what messages you want on a shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, etc. Why pay for a T-shirt or sweatshirt that advertises some big corporation's logo when you can be uniquely yourself and display YOUR own hobby, neighborhood, message, whatever -- anything you can think up! These clothes are comfortable and washable and they now have warm, fleece-lined hoodies. You choose from many different kinds of fonts (and also icons like, for example, hearts), and they keep adding new ones. Fonts can be the pressed-on type or stitched, and I highly recommend the stitched type. Friendly folks with a great sense of humor.

San Francisco, CA



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