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Neato Robotic Vacuum

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Great concept, poor quality product


The way this vacuum is set up to clean is awesome. It is quick and cleans well. But the product quality is bad. I took a chance after reading multiple reviews of people having to send them back but bought one anyways. After I sent it back twice, I ended up getting a roomba instead. Take longer but cleans just as well. Maneuverability Gets stuck on things it can almost go under and then you have to use a ridiculous amount of magnet tape around everything. Ease of Maintenance Easy to empty dust bin. Rollers easy to clean. Suction Performance Got up a surprising amount of hair and dust. Versatility Cleaned all types of floors and transitions well. Design Loved the patterned vacuuming. Perimeter first and then fills in. Very efficient and quick. Durability First problem left wheel stuck. Tried all the resets, clearing, etc. nothing was stuck in the wheel. Returned to Amazon. Next one wouldn't hold charge for more than 5 minutes. Just unacceptable. Returned and got a Roomba instead.



Neato Robotic Vacuum

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