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Navystar Press 2 Learn Dinosaur

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Baby loves this pink Dino but I am not so sure.


  Baby loves this toy but I am not so in love with it yet. This Press 2 Learn Dinosaur is bright pink, it has 3 bumps on it's back that baby loves to press. They are labeled Number in red, Shape in yellow, and color in Green. On one side there are numbers and shapes ands a turning wheel. On the other are spokes that can be turned. It rides on 4 green wheels and its head can be turned. Nothing sharp about it and looks sturdy. However after only a month it seems to glitch out, it will act posessed and studder, both in english and spanish. The baby however seems to like this. She will be across the room and this will go off and she will roll right over to it and mash buttons and make it play all sorts of noises. I am sure this toy must be for an older child, not made for my 8 month old but it was a gift, and she does play with it and so for now it has a place in our home. I am posting here in hopes that someone might know more about this toy. With my luck it will have been recalled or some such. It is cute... it really is very cute and she does so very much love it. I have even caught my 3 older children playing with it. Bewarned though, it is glitchy and if my baby did not love it so much it would not still be in this house!

Fort Huachuca, AZ


Navystar Press 2 Learn Dinosaur

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