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Nature's Own
Nature's Own Honey Wheat -Organic

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Honey wheat


We like lighter fluffy breads but it over all was really great.

Tulalip, wa


The only wheat bread that I will eat!


I am not a big fan of wheat bread. I had Nature's Own Honey Wheat when I had lunch at a friend's house. I could not believe how good this bread actually tasted! It has a nice flavor-the honey gives it a hint of sweetness. The flavor could be described as slightly butter and sweet-not overpowering. It made the BEST ham and cheese sandwiches! On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and purchased a loaf of Nature's Own Honey Wheat bread. Everyone in my family loved it. It makes great toast, French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and tastes great with your favorite deli meats.



Surprisingly good


Now, I'm a wierd person.  I love to eat bread.  Forget the ham, the turkey, the cheese, the mayo, just give me two slices of bread and I'm a happy camper.  Wheat was never my favorite, I like whole grain, love rye, white is great of course, and French Bread? forget about it!  But then I tried Nature's Own Honey Wheat, and it's the only sliced bread I buy.  I can taste the healthiness (if that's even possible?) of the whole wheat.  The fact that it is organic is a plus.  I know, it's still processed, but not as bad as say, Wonder Bread, which turns into paste if you put too much in your mouth at once.  It has an almost buttery taste to it, which I'm assuming is due to the "honey".  Great for ham sandwiches, grilled cheese, or how I like, by itself.  I can go through a whole loaf in a day, which my stomach doesn't like too much, but my taste buds sure do.  I'm in love with Honey Wheat bread, and if you try it, I'm almost positive you will be too.

Boston, MA


The Only Bread I Buy


I have to admit I was at first hesitant to buy this bread over my usual purchase of store brand wheat bread, but boy am I ever glad that I did!  It has just a taste of sweetness without being overpowering.  Buying this bread is what got my preschooler to start eating the crust instead of having me cut it off.  I don't know what the difference was in his eyes, but he just seemed to prefer this bread above all others.  Now it is the only bread that I will buy for my family.  It takes some manipulation to get my inlaws to eat wheat bread but once they try it, even those old crumudgeons are game!

Erwin, TN


You'll savor every bite.


Wow.  I never imagined so much taste could come out of one piece of bread.  I've never been a fan of Wheat bread, but I'm on this diet where I'm trying to only eat Whole Grains.  I hesitantly bought this loaf of bread, honeslty dreading the taste I thought it would have.  Oh my.........I had no idea how good it would be! There's no cholesterol in this bread, no trans fat, and you get 3 grams of fiber in each slice.  And they're not small slices either.  They're big!  So big that I don't even use two pieces, I just fold one over.  And I savor every single bite because it is soooo delicious. And it's organic.  I don't know what that means, but I think it's good!  Of course, it jacks up the price of the produce, but with taste this plentiful I don't mind paying the extra.  Give it a try, I think you'll become a fan too.

Jacksonville, NC


Nature's Own Honey Wheat -Organic

4.8 5