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Nature's Goodness
Nature's Goodness Applesauce

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Complaint to company-- great response


I was opening my jar of baby food the other day when I noticed the pop up button on the top would not pop up.  So I tried another one of my jars and the same thing happen.  I emailed the company who in turn sent me a letter plus four free coupons.  Great company.

Monroe, GA


Made my tube fed son want to eat! I drove hours for it!


Nature's Goodness brand baby food is a winner in my book.  It made my tube-fed child with oral issues actually WANT to eat.  No other baby food would do.  Applesauce was his absolute favorite. On the plus side, the food is one of the cheaper ones out there.  The drawback is that the manufacturer does not distribute it all across the country.  If you are in the east ... good luck.  The website is quite wrong about where it is sold.  The operators at the company are very, very helpful, but even they don't seem to know who is bringing in their product. Kids are so picky sometimes, but this food gets my vote for getting my medical child to love eating. 

Vienna, VA


Will not buy again.1!


i bought this baby food because of its price. it was way less money than gerber. i didnt check the label or compared it to gerber until i got home. i was so surprised on how much sugar it had. and it had more fat and other unhealthy stuff. the taste is way better than gerber but its because of all the sugar in it. so i will not buy this again for my daughter its too unhealthy. 

Los Angeles, CA


Nature's Goodness Applesauce

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