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Nature's Best
Nature's Best Aromatherapy Feet Slippers

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Heated Herbal Slippers for Achy Sore Feet = Heavenly!


One of my favorite gifts that I received for Christmas this year was from my youngest daughter.  Made of 100% natural herbs these adorable slippers are perfect for individuals suffering with bad circulation (my feet are always cold); who have arithritis or if their feet swell.  Aromatherapy feet slippers have removable pouches that you can place in the microwave for 25-30 seconds each.  They have a delightful scent and they are very attractive also.  I found out a few months ago that I have vascular disease in my legs so in the winter it is very hard to keep my extremeties warm.  Not so anymore.  Did you ever notice that if your feet are warm, the rest of your body fares well.  I'm so delighted that my daughter knew exactly what her mother needed.  You can remove the herbal pouches and throw in the washer to clean the slippers.  The herbal pouches must always stay dry.  You can also use as a cold pack for your feet by putting in freezer.  These slippers are guaranteed to last five years.  The package also states that these slippers help in removing dead skin on your feet.  I'm Loving this Marvelous Product!!!!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Nature's Best Aromatherapy Feet Slippers

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