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Natural Water Pills Tablets, by Sundown - 30 Tablets (Sundown)

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Helps With Water Retention -- Naturally


I take these natural water pills at certain times when I am retaining water and feeling discomfort from that. You need to take these with a full glass of water. Also, you should be drinking a lot of water throughout the day and to try to really limit your salt intake. I usually take one of these pillls an hour or two before bed with a big glass of water. They do not have an immediate impact on how I am feeling, so they are not a quick fix; however, I end up feeling much better the next morning. If you have a real problem, you may need an over the counter water pill or even a water pilll prescribed by your doctor, but before you try those more "serious" fixes, I recommend you consider taking these natural pills. I personally always prefer an herbal approach --- if it works! Each pill is quite large and if you have a problem swallowing pills, these pills may be a problem for you. There is no coating and they are chalky. I think they are a good option for occasional use.



Take with caution


I was using these Natural Water Pills to assist with weight loss. I got overzealous and began drinking extra water. One Saturday morning I drank about half a gallon of water with 2 hours. I began to feel dizzy. I felt faint and vomited. I began to shake and my finger tips felt numb. I went to the emergency room. They could find nothing wrong except my salt levels were down. I had flushed the minerals out of my body and that is dangerous. On a separete occasion the same thing happened because I was taking St. Joh Wart herbal suplement It said o the box do not mix with diuretic. I forgot and shrtly after I took a Natural Water Pill and drank wanter I felt like I was blacking out. Everything was fuzzy and black. I took my blood pressure and it was 70/40. Not good. I asked my son to give me a bananna and a can of v8 juice. After a few bites of bananna and a few sips of juice my pressure was 90/55. Whewn I finished eating and drinking my pressure was up to !00/60. Please be careful whe using this type of product. Make sure you eat veggies and fruits. This will maintain your potassium levels. It will bring them up or down whateer is necessary and regulate blood pressure. And be careful with the water.

Roanoke, VA


Natural Water Pills Tablets, by Sundown - 30 Tablets (Sundown)

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