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Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality)

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Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality)

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Mixed feelings on this product...


from North Augusta, SC

Comments about Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality):

I have a lot of health issues and am very open to natural remedies. I always try to look for a supplement to treat my symptoms first. I have had my heart racing and anxiety, among other things and was told to try Magnesium. Natural Calm had great reviews so I tried it first. I did notice that it helped my symptoms. But not long after I started taking it I began having a lot of stomach pain. I am sure it was related to the Natural Calm and the "fizziness" of the drink. Sure enough, soon after I stopped taking Natural Calm the pain stopped. So, for whatever reason, this product seemed to cause stomach upset for me. I have tried other magnesium supplements and haven't been convinced that they really work, but I'm afraid to try this one again.

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Natural Vitality's Natural Calm is a great magnesium supplement


from Cornville, AZ

Comments about Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality):

Certain vitamins and minerals need special conditions in order to be assimilated by the body. For example, just taking calcium pills might not necessarily mean you are getting the correct dose or type of calcium. Calcium, like magnesium - both vital minerals for the body - must be balanced just so in order for the body to use it. Consequently, many of the over-the-counter magnesium or calcium supplements either add to our health problems or are just lost in urine. Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality Natural "Calm" uses a special "delivery formula and system" so that you get superior magnesium absorption and maxiumum benefits.

Although this is not the forum for discussing health per se, for those of you who don't know the benefits of magnesium, here are a few: Magnesium, most importantly to today's woman, allows for the absorption of calcium. Without a balance, all the calcium supplements in the world won't matter; the body won't absorb it. Therefore, magnesium, in its relationship to calcium, is vital for the formation of teeth and bones. In addition, magnesium helps maintain a healthy heart in many, many ways, as well as maintaining proper muscle function. For the health benefits of magnesium, just google the word, and a "trillion" choices will be at your fingertips.

Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality Natural Calm is a powder that you put in 1 ounce of hot or boiling water. After it dissolves (and it will fizz up a storm so use a big mug with that one little ounce of water), you can add a sweetener (or drink it plain). It comes in several flavors, as well: Raspberry-Lemon and Orange. There are even special kids and baby formulas available.

We consider Calm a daily supplement. It is easy to take, tastes fine, and it is "highly absorbable proprietary formulation of ph-balanced magnesium citrate in ioni form." Visit www.petergillham.com for more information.

Personally, I do not understand why CALM is being emphasized. I don't necessarily take it to feel calmer nor do I consider it a stress reducing drink. I drink it for the magnesium supplement and I take it with potassium. For what it is, it is an excellent product. Health food stores and nutritional experts, those that I respect, seem to all like the Natural Vitality's Natural Calm as a magnesium supplement.


Natural Calm - Enjoy a nice warm drink before bed


from Newton, IL

Comments about Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality):

Magnesium is a good supplement to take when you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, stressed, have difficulty falling asleep, or feeling under the weather. Natural Calm is a powder form of magnesium, with a mild citrus taste to it. t is known as "the anti-stress drink." It is a highly absorbable type of magnesium that is gluten free, and free of any of the major allergens. It is also a vegetarian formula. Put a teaspoon or two in a cup of warm water and enjoy a warm lemoney drink before bed. I like to add a little honey to mine for some added sweetness. Normally, It does help to relax me and enables me to drift off into a more peaceful sleep. The powder mixes well in warm or cold water. My kids will drink it as is, but prefer if I add a little juice to it. The citrus taste is not too strong. There is no odor. The powder will bubble up when you add it to warm water. That is normal and the bubbling doesn't last long.  

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Stress reliever in powder form


from San Jose, CA

Comments about Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality):

I went to a friend's house for dinner a while back and she started telling me about this product, Natural Calm, that works miracles in reducing stress and help alleviate depression. She went on and on about how great it is and how I need to try it. She even mixed up a glass of it right there and insisted I take it. I was intrigued so I went to a local vitamin store and bought myself some. 

I've been taking it for a few weeks now and I have been feeling better more and more each day. It has helped me sleep better, I don't wake up as much at night (and I notice if I forget to take it, I will wake up more) and I'm able to handle stress a little better as well. I feel better in general. Magnesium is an important mineral to take along with Calcium too, so it's also just a good thing to take for your body as well.

If you are suffering from stress I would recommend you give this product a try. I have been very happy with it.


Ionic magnesium recommended by my doctor


from Eagle River, AK

Comments about Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality):

Last November my primary care doctor ordered a DEXA bone scan to be done on me, and it came back with distressing news.  I have osteopenia, which is bone loss.  Not as bad as osteoporosis, but close.

She put me on a few vitamins and suggested I get weight bearing exercise.  Of the vitamins she recommended to me, ionic magnesium was one.  I actually had a hard time finding ionic magnesium in the stores.  I found this Natural Vitality Natural Calm in my local health food store.

It comes in two flavors, orange and raspberry lemon, but I chose the raspberry lemon flavor, which actually doesn't taste too bad.  This is a "Peter Gillham's" product, and it claims to be an "Anti-Stress" drink that helps balance calcium levels and restores magnesium levels to a healthy number.

It is made with certified organic raspberry and lemon flavor, and is sweetened with organic stevia.  Since I am trying not to consume sugar, and I don't like consuming artificial sweeteners, I was thrilled to see it is sweetened with stevia. 

The suggested use is 1/2-2 teaspoons a day, and according to my doctor magnesium should be taken until the bowels are "comfortably loose".  I have struggled most of my adult like with irregularity, and this product surely has solved all of my problems.  I take this first thing in the morning, along with my calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B, and MSM.  If I take too much, I will be running to the bathroom, and I mean *running!  *This stuff acts quickly, and when I need to go I really need to go!

My doctor gave me a recommended daily amount, but I have only been able to take about 300 mg of ionic magnesium a day, any more than that and I have very watery diarrhea.  When I get the right dosage, it makes me pleasantly regular.

I also have issues with insomnia, and I have taken this in the evenings before bed, but sadly it did not seem to do anything to help me get to sleep any sooner.  This was very disappointing, since it claims to be a supplement that helps relax the body.  I also do not notice any difference in my stress levels, another disappointment.

However, taking this for bone health and regularity is enough for me.  I don't like swallowing pills so any supplements that I can drink are a nice alternative.  Overall I am pleased with Natural Calm.


Miracle Vitamin


from Saint Petersburg, FL

Comments about Natural Vitality - Natural Calm, 8 oz powder (Natural Vitality):

This product is quite possibly the world's perfect suppliment.  I say that as a person that is not a fan of vitamins as a whole.  However, when my wife was suggested this product by her doctor, we both decided to give it a try. 

Beware, this review will make the product sound like snake-oil, but it really did do everything I claim.

For myself:

**Helped reduce stress** - I'm able to easily handle job stresses that were unmanageable before.

**Increased quality of sleep** - While I've never had a problem falling asleep or staying asleep, but whether I slept 6 hours, or 12, I always felt like I hadn't slept at all.  The first night following consumption of this product, yielded the best night's sleep that I can remember.  Each night continued to produce sleep that found me refreshed and truly ready to go in the mornings.

**Reduced asthma symptoms: **I have both asthma, and something called vocal chord dysfunction - the combination of the two have been barely managed with a combination of Symbicort, and Proair.  Unfortunately, even with these medications, most days and nights, I found myself struggling and gasping for breath - a struggle that was rarely truly helped by my emergency inhaler.  After about a week of taking this product, my wife pointed out that I'd rarely touched my emergency inhaler, which was absolutely uncalled for.  At this point (I have been using Natural Calm now for about 4 months), I only have to reach for my inhaler about once every two weeks.  A significant decrease from the 4-5x per week to 2-3x per day in some cases!

**Snoring **-  Yes, it sounds silly, but my snoring has decreased.  I know this, because my wife tries to 'sell' the product to our female relatives based on this alone!  I suppose this is really more of a benefit to her, but since I experienced the change, I figured it best be in my list of cured ailments.

**Decreased blood pressure** - I have been consistently pre hypertensive for the past 2 years.  Since taking natural calm, my blood pressure has decreased to the range of 100-110/60-70.  This actually sold my elderly father, who's since been taken off all his blood pressure medication.

For my wife:

**Decrease in hairloss** - Everyone sheds, but she was experiencing what every female in her family had - her hair was thining.  She still loses hair, but now at the normal rate.  Her hair is also starting to grow back in thicker (and faster) now.

**Increased ability to handle stress** - She keeps some of the drink handy at work.  A small dose to take when things get out of hand.  And, it works.  This has prevented at least one homicide. (Kidding, I swear!  Well, maybe)

**Normalized bowel movements** - TMI, I know... but if you have chronic regularity problems, you know how great this one feature alone is.  Extra fiber, extra fruit, extra veggies, yogurt... NOTHING could make her regular.  Now, thanks to Natural Calm, even cheese doesn't have a chance. 

**Concentration** -  My wife wanted me to mention this, even though it's silly.  It may be because she is actually able to sleep now, but... she's able to read, recreationally, now.  I say this, because for the past 10 years, work, dinner, and housework have seemed to boggle her mind.  She was unable to sit down and enjoy a good book, because she was never able to focus on one thing.  She would read and be distracted by "whats for dinner."  Now she's able to shut that off and enjoy a good book.  Because of this, her productivity at work has also increased.

**Increased quality of sleep -** Much like myself, she now wakes up in the morning refreshed - like she is actually sleeping.  She gets on average 6-7 hours a sleep at night, because she gets up at 4 in the morning for work, but she consistently feels refreshed, and now even wakes up prior to her alarm.

**Decrease in adult acne** - Since taking this product, she has not experienced a single bout of cystic acne that she has been plagued with her entire adult life.  While she does still experience some normal breakouts, the painful acne is a thing of the past.

**Decrease in chronic pain** - My wife suffers from chronic pain due to plantar fasciitis in one foot as well as 2 herniated discs in her lower back (L4, S1).  The very first night she took this product she felt significantly better.  After the first week of using the product, it was rare for her to experience any pain (excluding headaches, she still gets these). 


Needless to say, I can't say enough good things about this product.  The one thing I would strongly stress is that this product will work differently for different people.  Everyone has different needs, ailments, etc.  My mother in law is a heart patient, (40% heart function) who has enjoyed increased energy and oxygen levels since starting this product. 

We did a great deal of research after trying this product - which I would like to add is simply a very bio-available form of MAGNESIUM.  Yep, that's it.    So why does it do all these things?  The two major properties of magnesium are anti-inflamatory and that magnesium is a major player in the absorption of macro and micro nutrients. 

If you have a multitude of symptoms, or a single major symptom, I highly recommend at least trying this product.  You really don't have anything to lose, and so very, very much to gain.

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